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Pinning some hope on Vit D


Just went to docs feeling crap and had my usual plea for more liver tests (as I think I have AMA negative PBC - it's complicated, and in a blog elsewhere I think). So she tells me that although some of my initial liver tests were raised and I have to have them again, my vitamin D levels were dangerously low!

Now I have read elsewhere that VitD depletion mimics fibro, so it will be interesting to see how much energy I get back over the next few months. I thought I was having a pretty long flare-up and was getting worried as to where it was going.

So I have 3 outcomes now:

1. It gets no better

2. It returns to how it was a few months ago - standard yeuchiness

3. Totally no symptoms

Watch this space. If anyone has a Vitamin D story/outcome it would be good to hear from you..


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I'm currently taking prescription pure Vitamin D. It helps a lot, but it doesn't make the Fibro go away


Same here :-(


Thanks for that folks :-) :-) lol (winks)

As I thought. I might be pinning too much hope on a miraculous cure, but I am hoping that it will at least lesson the "flare-up" that I thought I was having.

I have been literally forgetting words (which I know is a fibro symptom, but in the 20 or so years I have had fibro I have never had this as a problem), and my sleep is even worse than it was.

Going through the change too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-( That's got to be a triple whammy, eh? And I won't be the only one. Why does the dreaded F coincide with the big M?




Hi Glenys

I don't know what dose you are on, but I was told by the doc at the pain clinic that 5000 I.u. Per day is now recommended. You can get these capsules from amazon.

Hope this helps



Hi KazF

The bombs he gave me are 20,000 each!! (X1 a week) and the others are 4000 x2 a day with calcium. Luckily I pay a yearly cost for my prescriptions which is fixed no matter what, so I don't have to buy them at all. However I ave to make sure I renew the prescription every month with my other stuff, and that will be a challenge for me :-) :-)

Thanks for the advise though. I pay for a lot of my other meds, ie 5HTP, magnesium and Vit B, and have considered amazon instead of Holland and Barratt, so do you know a good supplier on amazon please?



Unfortunatelty the Vit D3 and Calcium I was prescribed had seide-effects and I was unable to take them. Now my GP surgery will no longer pay for Vit D tests :-(

I've been taking some from the health shop but hasn't helped much. The best source of Vitamin D though by far is from the sun and I can honestly say that is the best thing for me as long as it is strong enough. I am much less fatigued when we have a bit of sun but as long as it is dry and not humid conditions!


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