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From the delights of annonimity (cannot spell today) I find My back and legs are now being very vengefull

Sitting here in my kitchen I sway slightly back and forward it is not a new dance but the only way I can sit. This is I suspect the result of my endeavours to be as normal as possible yes now I am paying for it.

While I was away curiously I met a fellow sufferer yesterday whilst waiting for breakfast. a lovely lass I told her about health unlocked so maybe we will all meet her later.

Oh has just been in and is going for the papers it is only 7oo but hey this is normal here he lost the coupons between the kitchen and the front door oh dear....

Now where was my brain oh I left it here haha any one fancy a rumba wow that shows my age or does it . I suppose with Stricktly dancing all dances are now much more part of peoples lives. When I learnt I was at Drama School we had ballroom dancing once a week - being about 5ft 7in high I was always cast as the man. This never helped me in later life as I always insisted on leading my partner across the dance floor. The tussles that ensued were drama in them selves and I became known for treading on partners toes.

This morning we are off to get our beloved hounds back and we both are looking forward to their enchanting ways.

I wil dsappear now on to facebook have a good day guys xgins

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I can answer your question about your brain gins.... If your OH lost the coupons between the kitchen and the front door, quietly and sneakily in the night you obviously swapped brains and he is probably now wondering the street in a state of fibro fog thinking what are these coupons for and where am I going.... Without a list he is gonna be stuck .

Tie a barrel of whiskey to yourself and go and find him....

VG x


I think I should drink the whisky and wait and see what happens! I am not a meany but I have enough problems without serching for OH.............(hiccough)



Hmm I see your logic.... Save the whiskey, save the world, sorry today my head is full of tv show slogans .. That ones from other title is from good morning Vietnam I hope this is not going to be a permenant thing I have been talking like this for 24 hous now

VG x


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