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My friends I find myself not sleeping again the root cause my back and legs come in second place. I lay for hours dreaming of shower towit

at 4.00 I could not take any more. so I tottered to the bathroom and proceeded to sit on the loo with my feet in the bidai which I had filled with hot bubbly water. Why well I am not aloud to shower unless someone is there in case I get it wrong an I can rd slip or fall fowl of the slippery floor. What a life to only be aloud to shower when accompanied. and yet I can sit with legs acimbo feet in bubbles. Mad yes me or the world.

Feeling somewhat better and full of drugs, I can rest on a chair, my upper body swings gently ,or rocks whatever. This helps release the nerves which are trapped in my back.

Pauses gulps strong black coffee

"Oh baby its dark out side"

Today yes what today need a goal what shall it be. Ah royal icing for christmas tree biscuits yes must get that for tomorrow.

More coffee straightens back a bit right thats a bit better so now I have a mission good. It really does help talking to someone doesnt it. :)


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Morning Gins :)

I'm wondering why my responses aren't showing up on the activity screen :o ???

Well I've been up since 2:30 am as I foolishly fell asleep early and had what is one of my full sleep cycles of 3 1/2 hours and have been up since :o

Much empathy for you my friend :)

Got to go speak later

Fluffies to give you comfort and healing :) xxxsianxxx :)


I wish I had a bidet to put my feet in I think its a bostin idea. When I want to soak my feet I have to get someone to carry a bowl of water in for me and then its nots really big enough, but please be careful of warter on the floor ...sue


Awww gins, sorry you had such a bad nightmare but I did have to chuckle at the thought of you akimbo with your feet in the bidet, as I don't have one it isn't possible for me to try and emulate your daring deed. :D hope you start to feel better very soon, I'm glutting coffee as I type :-)

Foggy x

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i know what u mean i often want a nice hot bubble bath during the day but i need help to get in and out and because of cfs the bath is a favorite place to nod of so oh has to keep checking im still awake and i have a bell to ring if i need him.



Hi gins

I am so sorry to hear that you are having these problems. I hope that you can get them resolved quickly. I get told off by my daughter if I do anything on my own, like have a shower. I know she really loves me and I am having accidents so I behave like a scolded child and do as I am told (ha!ha!) xx


Hi Ken it is a restriction I find quite awfull. To wait for someone to be around still at least I get a shower then :) smiles to you gentle man xgins


Aww gins,have just read your post and I must say the image of you with your feet in the bidet has made me chuckle too.You always manage to make your situation sound humerous despite the things that you are going through.You deserve an award my friend :) xxx


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