Pass me a thing - whats a thing - Oh one of those why didnt you say!

This is how conversations start in my house, dont know about yours. I sit here slumped over the computer trying to keep back straight and endeavouring to be whitty usually ending up rather Twitty. This is am in my kitchen the table is piled high with bit of magazines and books half read the next great thing is what do we need from the shops - we went yesterday - or so I thought bought excellent baked beans for 35 p a tin - he walks in with pack of beans 39p - good i think but we shopped yesterday. Oh well can never have too many beans :)

Today I shall flit with a duster starting upstairs when I get dressed and moving slowly yes slowly down - sliding down the banister is excellent for polishing- not so good fo me- when I end in heap at bottom :) Then polishing well dust removing in sitting room really it is dispersing the stuff so it can land again teasingly around everything as if I never polish (dust) ha :)

Time for coffee who has brought the cakes - at the farm it is cream cakes always on a friday :( oh it is Friday I love chocolate eclairs ! yum xgins

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  • Love it Gins , my word is wotsit.... And I use it so often there's no way my family can work out what i mean ... The horrible lot once got together and as I soon as I said where's the wotsit gone I was pelted with bags of that delicious snack.... It didnt get me what I wanted as the sight of all the snax made me forget what I wanted..... Cream cakes.... On my way over I love chocolate eclairs.... I will bring the wotsits :D

    VG x

  • bring lots we will have a cream cake party who else is coming? xgins

  • Hey steady there vg my cats name is wotsit lol p

  • Y ou can bring your cat if you like does he like cream cakes 3 for 2 at Sainsburys xgins

  • choc eclair for me too, yum yum - I'm on way!


  • In my housee everything is a doofa. "Pass me the doofa" is a very common phrase spoken here lol. I like cakes but not keen on the cream so petal, your wotsit (brilliant name for a cat!) can have mine xx

  • Love the name of your cat petal.... Please note no cats were harmed in the process of pelting me with wotsits.... I would Definately remember eating a cat no matter how bad the fibro fog ;)

  • purrfectly lovely cat free cakes OH has just brought a cream slice do pop in for cake any time after 2.00 never eaten cat no intention ever :) I love my cats they all gone to pussy heaven now. Children have been told no kittens I could not manage another one :) xgins

  • Hi All

    Just a bit concerned as to the content of the wotsist, doofa's and the cream cakes. Have they all been DNA tested only you don't know what these things are these days. we have a cat (called Muffett !?) who definitely has dog in as he loves to go for walks with them (our three Shih-Tzu's) and eat their biscuits etc.

    We have had fresh cream cakes that are squirty cream and cream eclairs that have no cream.

    To sit down with a nice cup of tea and find no cream in the eclair, terrible,not sure if I will ever get over it.

    So all I am saying is just watch what you are buying.

    With regard to the names, my wife has a habit of calling all of us by every name in the house until she gets to the right one.

    Take care and Kindest Regards


  • Rushes over to Terry's with some fresh cream.....

    Special delivery ...

    VG x

  • In our house it's the Thing or Thingy Bob. It's funny bit my eldest daughter seems to understand me, even though the sentence may be peppered with things and thingy bobs. But hubby has not a clue. Lol

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