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Good Morning My Friends --

I was l was lucky enough to go to a Ball on Saturday night - it was fun it was for Cerebral palsy they had a brilliant night dancing away. There faces were an absolute picture, enormous smiles and there joy in the music was fantastic. We managed to raise £7000.00 that night for the swimming team to go to the Olympics is not that fantastical..

I was brought home at bought home at 1am tired sore feet, could not dance nut I tapped away. Yesterday I was poleaxed so strange I got up late did some bits and relaxed in front of the tv. Well I slept awaking every now and then when OH shouted at me. It was deep sleep then at 9.00 I went to bed(tha's un heard of) I slept on and off all night (that's un heard of) Now I have been up since 6.00 like usual but wow my shoulders are sore and pins and needles bad in my arms. So here we are Monday things to do no energy but must pay some bills and be bright and intelligent (no laughing please)

So I send you all a smile { :D }

Have a good day guys.


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Morning gins

That's a fantastic amount to have raised - especially with so many people now unable to give to charity due to their own personal circumstances.

Well done to all involved :)

I'm really glad you had a lovely evening, even though you are paying for it now.

Have a manageable day

Louise xxx


May the happy infusion of jive and joy of a successful night out drip into the veins and fortify you through out your day.

Did you have a posh frock, and get chance to show off your inner glamour puss.


I did wear a posh frock and OH sported a dinner suit and a bow tie very elegant. :D


I love that "the happy infusion of Jive and Joy" brilliant may I use it again such a great phrase well done you xxgins


Morning gins, that was a fantastic amount wasnt it, so pleased you enjoyed your night out, as ned says did you wear a posh frock or trousers like I would have lol, have a reasonable pain free day......gentle hugs ..Dee xx


Morning Gins so glad that you had a fantatic night and what a lot was raised for such a good charity, Now rest and recover.hugs sue


Well done gins, how wonderful to have been part of such a lovely event and to have raised so much money for charity :-)

I'm sorry you are paying the price for the enjoyment though, I know only too well how that feels as am much the same, but not for participating in such an enjoyable event. It's like our bodies make us pay for whatever it is we have achieved be it fun, in your case, or not such fun in mine, but boy oh boy does Fibro know exactly how to execute retribution !! :o

I really hope you start to feel better very very soon gins, and I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


hi ginns,glad to see you had a good night out,bet it was a nice boost to get done up,what did you wear? you must of looked lovely whatever. that was alot of money raised :) that's the only dampner isn't it..knowing we suffer just for going out, anyway nice to hear you had a great night :) & hope you feel less sore later xx


Hi gins

practice the growling Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

What a heart warming story gins and its amazing that you all raised so much money for their team to go to the olympics and I can imagine the happy atmosphere too.

Sending fibro monster busting fluffies infused with a little energy to help you get through the rest of the day

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi gins

Well done! Despite the pain you must be very pleased with yourself. That is also an awful lot of money to raise!

I took your advice on Sunday and watched the rugby, wish I hadn't now. Saturday was just as bad watching England lose in Paris. At least we did well in the cricket (oh no! we lost in the cricket as well).

Take care my friend

Ken x


The rugby and the cricket OH is whaling oh NO. I don't watch either I am afraid but believe in supporting my friends in their choices. :D

New week what are you up to this week anything new ?

I hope it is a good week for you Ken xgins


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