Cannot see past the end of my nose today

The fibro fog is on a roll today and I just cannot think straight lol, so it clouds my judgement when it comes to my vision as I do not think of the possibilities. For half an hour I have been trying to clean my milk bottle lensed glasses. There is something on them I know there is as I can see it when I have them on. I take them off and I clean them again and again and again. I put them on and there it is a again. So in the end I gave up, interrupted hubby from his game and asked him to try and clean the mark off my glasses. He has perfect eyesight. He looked at them and told me there was nothing on them to clean. So in a huff I went off telling myself 'great, now he thinks I am going mad', and I carried on trying to clean the bit where could see a smudge. Again I asked him to check for me, nothing. I was kind of getting angry by now and he came into the kitchen. He looked at the laptop and got the cloth, wiped over the screen and made me put my glasses back on. Yes, the smudge was on the laptop screen, not my glasses! xxxxx

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  • love it!


  • well let me put it this way, I won't be asking hubby to clean my glasses anytime soon. I think I will clean the screen first xxxxx

  • Loved it! Have you ever walked around looking for your glasses and you are wearing them? Saskia! XX

  • Yup I do it all the time. Plus sometimes I get a weird feeling on the skin when I am wearing them. when I have taken them off it feels as though they are still on, so I am trying to find them to take them off. Does my sweded in xxxxx

  • i know just what you mean Ozzy when i take my glasses off at night it often still feels like i have them on so i try to take them off again xx

  • It drives me mad IJ lol xxxxx

  • lol we all must do things like that mine at the mo is putting things down and 10 min's later i could not tell were it was lol

  • Well at least I cannot blame old age just yet lol xxxxx

  • I have reading and distance glasses. While Christmas shopping I eventually

    realised I was walking around with reading glasses on my head, I was trying

    to get a fascinator on, on top of a hairband and glasses!

  • Yeah I have both and I take both pairs up to bed with me. I get so angry when the tv is bleary and then I realise I have my reading glasses on xxxxx

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