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Does anyone get twitching pulses?????????

After a night of lots of pain,dispite taking pain pills. I awoke to my hand hurting and unable to move my middle finger and ring finger without pain. I massaged it and tried to keep it warm....Then a pulse, like you get a twitch in your eye or face could be seen on the side of my hand !! I put my hand over the side of my hand ,and I could feel this pulse stronger that I ever have when reading my pulse. It lasted for ages so I stayed in bed. Then it went to my knee,and after a while into my thigh and eventually in my bum cheeks. So now I had 4 muscles or pulses you could feel twitching and it was weird....It lasted about an hour and gradually went off...So Weird !! I have had my arm muscle do this or my face and eye but never all at once. Just wondered if anyone else has this or if it is yet again some other problem?

Hugs to all and hope you are well today ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

Thanks for your input x x


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I've had twitches like you say in my eye when I'm tired, stressed or angry and get the ones where I cry ouch and kick out at the invisible bee sting .... but your experience I've never had.

Did you wake up feeling tense or did you have a bad night? I shouldn't imagine one occurance is anything to be too concerned about - but if it starts to happen regularly then I'd go to see the Doctor about it.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


I get twitches in my muscles and sometimes they feel like a pulse i get them in quite a few places my left leg mainly i had them in my stomach muscle last night in bed. It is a strange feeling . if you are worried talk to your gp the next time you go to see him or her.

Hope you have a pain free night if thats possible with fibro

lesley x


I also get this, usually muscle twitches and pulses in my back, it's wierd, almost like a ripple feeling down my back! It's not really sore, just a funny feeling :)

Hoe your having a good weekend.

C x


Thank you all for your input,I am seeing the Fibro clinic on tuesday will tell them about it and find out.

The really funny thing is after I did get up when it had gone I could walk.....seeing as I have shuffled a few steps in a day at one time ,racked in pain,it was Amazing!!!! ( not ready yet for any marathon mind lol )

Gentle hugs to every-one and sleep well !! :-)

Love Rainbowdancer


I get them as you do but I don't remember seeing anything move.



I get muscle twitches frequently, but not an actual pulse. I can often see the muscle spasming, especially if it's one of the larger muscles, or I'll get one finger or toe that is jumping about of its own accord! I also get a weird quivering sensation in my legs or shoulders, which seems unrelated to activity. Not sure if any of these match your symptoms at all? xx


Some of them do but the weird one is you could actually feel the pulse on the outer side of my hand but not see it. But when I daid to my OH oh feel that he said "gosh shame your pulse on your rist is not that good. Dr often asks me if I am sure I am still alife as they can never find my pulse ha ha :-)


So sorry for all the spelling mistakes a bit tired Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


hi twitchers with you all the way.When i go to bed my body comes to life i get pulses in my muscles,my eyes just won't stop moving, it takes ages to sleep that's if i'm lucky.My body also feels like i'm pressing down into the bed have to keep tossing and turning which is painful again?,can anyone relate to that or am i weird.


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