Muscle twitching

Even before I was diagnosed I felt I had excessive episodes of muscle twitching, eye lids, hands, just one finger or a thumb, or any other random muscle in my face or body twitching for no apparent purpose. Since I have restarted my juicing and my muscles have begun to de-inflamm and loosen they have begun twitching and the knots are catching and pulling which is painful but at least I can find them now.

But I was wondering if anyone else had a lot of unexplained twitching growing up. Can the muscle becoming inflamed cause that to happen? It would explain a lot. Anyways

Random thought. Thanks.

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  • Yes! Me! My right eye was the guilty culprit as a child. Doesn't do it now though and I have not been treated for it. Thinking about it now, it must have stopped about the same time as the other Fibro related twitches, when I started amitriptylene 🐸

  • Yes, I've had twitches everywhere, especially when I first wake up. Although they don't hurt they are just bizarre aren't they? I use to stare at the ones on my upper arm because they jumped so much!

  • I do have eye twitching but think it's one of my meds causing it.It is annoying.Have a nice evening . Peck.🐤.

  • I often get twitching of my eyelids... is seems worse when I am exhausted

  • Does it happen when you are tense, or when you are starting to relax after being tense? It could be nervous tension, or if it happens when you start to wind down it could be fasciculations (I think that's it) which is a symptom of fibro. I remember after my GCSES as I was winding down in the pub after the last exam , my right arm jerked really violently for no reason! It was weird. I get cramps and spasms at night and have just started magnesium for it, I'll let you know if it helps.

    Also btw I am also goimg to start juicing once im settled in to the flat,. Do you find it helps the fibro or your energy at all? Xx

  • Well it could be while I'm relaxing cause I am constantly stopping and going. I hurt more if I sit or stand too long and my kids are also at an age that the moment I sit down they realize they must have something. :)

    Yesterday when I was sitting on the porch my thumb would start jumping then I would feel a muscle in my thigh start then in my other arm. I had noticed it started happening a couple days before that; i also noticed my muscles getting softer. And I have only recently started juicing more often . So..I figured it was related. Especially since I can feel the knots catching while it twitches, maybe the knots are causing the twitches.

    Juicing is time consuming but I feel well worth the time. I can feel a huge difference when I juice and don't juice. I feel more energized especially after a good week or two of juicing. In the past (after a slow start) I juiced during the day and then ate a healthy whole food type dinner. I tried juice fasting but with my kids I just could juice enough to keep my energy level up. I couldn't do more than 4 juices a day without trying to juice after they went to bed.

    My fibro fog is not horrible, but still there. Maybe it will get better the more I juice.

    It definitely helps my muscles.

    I love how Carrots make me feel, just saying, I love juicing Carrots, ginger, lemons, .. those are my top 3 in everything I make well almost everything.

    I would gladly share some recipes if you would like them.

    Good luck.

  • Heya yes recipes would be great thanks. Any tasty veggie ones would be particularly good as I don't want to have too much fruit sugar (I get hypoglycaemic). I have the Liz Earle book on juicing, and a Jason Vale one. X

  • A good vegetable juice that I like

    Several handfuls of Spinach/or/ kale

    4ish carrots


    Lemon or 2

    Knuckle or more ginger

    I like to add cranberries or Pomegranate juice is the kale or Spinach is to strong.

    In recipes with apples I replace it with Kiwi- less sugar more potassium

    In recipes with celery I replace it with cucumber or head of Romaine- I hate celery.

    Reboot with joe is a juice fasting website that has loads of information. It even has stuff for people with diabetes so I'm sure it will help.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you that's useful- I will save that recipe. I love kiwi so that's a good tip for me. I've been looking at the reboot with Joe site recently, it's great. They have good articles, even one on juicing for hypoglycaemia. I can't wait to try it. Thinking I will make a load of veg juice in morning every morning, and drink a glass of it with each smallish meal, as a weight loss plan. Ive recently started taking b12 and magnesium and it seems to have reduced my hunger between meals, which is great! I'm still going to snack on a bit of whole fruit and veg though I think. Thanks for the recipe. Xx

  • I have had it off and on. Used to freak me out but now I have got used to it

  • Hi naturalnikki

    I have RLS and it can be so annoying at times! Especially when I am nodding off and my leg or arm flies out and back down again. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yes, have had this frequently, but not for a while, wonder if that is due to nortriptyline as that is my newest med. I hadn't realised that till I read your post. Mainly my right eye and both arms, sometimes hands and fingers. Happened at the dentist once, me and dentist sat watching right arm vibrate and twitch quite violently. This went on for about 20 minutes, I thought possibly due to injection in mouth but dentist said it had never occurred to any other patient. But we both agreed I was an odd patient as I went to this dentist for migraine treatment not dental reasons !!

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