DIP Joint finger Pain

Hi, hope you are all having a relatively pain free day. I have one finger that is pinned; due to a tendon snapping about 2 years ago. A couple of my fingers are 'swan necked'. At the moment my little finger on my right hand has become bent at the DIP Joint (top joint) and my left little finger is so red and slightly swollen with pain/tenderness and is starting to bend at the top joint. Have any of you had this or experiencing this. I am guessing that it is arthritis.....just to add to my growing list of ailments lol. Would appreciate your feedback.

(((hugs))) Tannels x

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  • Hi Tannels, I don't personally have any experience of this but my mother had what sounds like very similar problems. Hers was down to arthritis and I know how much pain it caused for her. Maybe it would be a good idea to show your doctor when you see him/her next. You could try an anti inflammatory gel to see if that helps in the meantime.

    Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, thanks for that. Gel is a good idea. Due to go back in a few weeks for some more blood tests so will mention it. Hope you are ok.

    Tannels x

  • Hi Tannels

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have not personally, but my son in law had a finger pinned just over a year ago (after an accident at work) and he is not having any problems now. However, he is a young healthy man.

    It could be arthritis, and if you are not allergic to them you could try an anti-inflammatory but I would check this with your GP first.

    If I were you I would have this checked out and see what they say? As you do not want to be left with your finger like this for a prolong period as it would be difficult to get it straight again.

    I want to wish you all the best in getting this issue sorted.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi Tannels,

    What bad luck some days my fingers are like crooked sausages. My first finger seem to be twisting right around which is odd. I believe it is arthritis and certainly warm water baths that I soak my hand in helps. Followed by lashings of Peroxicam cream or volterol bought over the counter..

    I have wrist splint glove s that I wear when they are very hot and cross.

    I hope yours do not give you too much grief thinking of you.

    Take care


  • Thank you all for your replies. There's always something to add to the list. I had both carpals operated on a few years back and due to touch typing for years as a secretary, I also had RSI. My tendons have taken a battering over the years. I am thinking it might be arthritis; hopefully not rheumatoid. My mother suffered terribly from that when she was still with us. Will get it checked out Good idea regarding gels and voltarol, will get some tomorrow when I go out.

    Gentle hugs.....Tannels x

  • Oh Tannels you poor dear you have suffered pretty much everything with your hands havent you!

    I do hope they are not too bad tonight!

    sorry being diverted by automatons on TV I collect them see you soon xgins

  • Thanks Gins, plod on as we all do lol. Tannels x

  • which programme? I like them too - was it vintage antiques roadshow?

  • Hi San no it was one of those brief clips that the presenter does on bargain hunt turned out to be an empty musical box no mechanics left inside at all - shame

  • Tim Wannacot he was the presenter he was a bit brutal with the prices but it was a very poor cylnder separated from its box.

  • Hi Tannels .my little fingers are the same as yours.can you put your hands flat together as if saying prayers?

  • Hi Anbuma, all except the little fingers, then even it I press them hard together they are still bent at the top joint; how about you?

  • hi the only fingers of mine that meet are my 3rd fingers.not being able to put your hands in prayer position is a lupus symptom.??

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