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Does anyone else have problem with one eye ?

My left eye has pain and blurred vision I am just wondering if this is common in fibro or something else.

I went to the optician and my left eye has deteriorated so much from my last eye test. I am quite shocked cos only went because i was having head aches. I just wondered if anyone else was having issues with their eyesight.

thanks Lesley x

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I was only thinking the other day Lesley that I'm sure my eyes have deteriorated and it's not 3 years since I had my eyes tested last. I haven't got any pain though. Did the optician think it was unusual?

I was thinking about going back and having them tested again.

Sue xx


Hi Sue

Yes the optician was puzzled at why my eye could have deteriorated so much in such a short time. I have never wore glasses and I never had an issue with my eyes till last year.

I started having blurriness but I put it down to vertigo until I had my eye test so I would definately keep up with your optician appointments some of them do it for free anyway with no obligation to buy any glasses.

The optician rechecked them again to make sure the prescription was right he was so shocked i think. He wants to see me in 3months time. I spoke to my dr and she is sending me for a ct scan.

Love Lesley x


That's interesting, thanks Lesley. I'm 60 soon and have worn glasses since I was about 40. I was told at Addenbrookes Hospital that I have Early Macular Degeneration. I've got a huge tv screen and am having to put my glasses on to watch it now. They're bifocals.

The optician I go to is a local 'old family business' so I tend to trust him, he seemed more thorough than some of the big companies I've been to.

I'll make the appointment :)

Love Sue xx


Hi Lesley last year I went for my 2 year check at the opticians as I felt I was having problems with my eyes. My eyesight had changed and the optician said she wanted to see me in a years time, which I found a litttle strange but she explained that anyone with fibromyalgia needed careful monitoring.

Hugs xxxx Sue


Hiya Sue

Glad to hear that she was aware that there may be an issue. I had never heard that there could be an issue with eyesight before mine had deteriorated. But when i was diagnosed with fibro i was given a leaflet and that was that. He didn't even say to me you have fibromyalgia just gave me the leaflet and i said i haven't got fibro he said i am telling you now how strange i came out in a daze. i have found out more on here than anywhere else. Sorry to go on don't know why that came out lol. It'll be interesting to see how many other people have issues with there eyes. Thanks for sharing Hugs Lesley xxx


You didn't go on Lesley lol. It's always interesting to have people's thoughts and experiences. You've made me think about making the appointment anyway :)

Thanks Sue too. I'll ask when I go about having more check ups.

Sue xx


hi my eyes have got worse if i am tired they go blurry and when i wake in moring they take few mins to adjust and are blurry. i wear glasses to read small print and close work i have got my eye test in june and i am gonna tell them i have fibromyalgia and i know that they have got worse since my last test love to you diddle x


More often than not Diddle after you write something, im so agreeing with you, my eyes seem to be worse in the last 3 months or so and keep putting it down to nlack of sleep,

we will all be at the opticians next week thanks all xx


i went for my yearly eye test recently and ive been getting a lot of pain behind my right eye and my optician said that fibromyalgia affects even the muscles behind the eyes ,he also said my eyes were very dry and prescribed systane drops which seem to be helping .also my vision is very blurred when i first wake up which is a new thing for me .


been wearing glasses full time for about 20 years (i'm 50). Asked to have my test early this time round as having trouble reading road signs and notices etc. Optician was surprised how much my eyes had changed but not terribly helpful otherwise. Eventually ended up with varifocals which take a bit of getting used too but better than having the 2 pairs of glasses which she gave me. Also have trouble with my eyelashes, they tend to come though in all different directions and often so uncomfortable I end up pulling them out. My GP put it down to my asthma and to me to use a little E45 cream on lids at bedtime, which seems to help a little. Hadn't crossed my mind it could be the fibro so would be interesting to see if anybody else has this trouble.


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