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Severe numbness and pins n needles in my fingers. Does anyone else have this?


Recently I have suffered from a nasty numb feeling in my fingers. It is like when you sleep on your hand and it goes beyond pins n needles, a sort of electricity shooting pain like touching a plug just as you unplug it from the mains. The numbness goes a little and the pins n needles start, along with an awful ache in my wrist and elbow, then the numbness comes back. It has been waking me up through the night this past week and even doing the simplest of things ie typing is extremely painful. ( I am using my little finger to do this as it's the only finger not affected badly). Can anyone relate to this? It's bad enough having the usual fibro stuff like the stiff and sore neck etc but loosing the use of my hands is driving me mad :-( Gentle hugs to you all xx

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Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome for which physio or ot can providr splints. But you need to talk to your gp as any new or worsening symptoms need to be checked out. We can only speak from our own experience and they cannot replace medical advice. I hope you can get help soon.


hamble :)

Hi velogirl

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. As hamble99b says, it does sound like carpel tunnel syndrome.

I would certainly discuss this with your GP just to rule anything else out and keep them up to date with how you are doing.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this problem.

Ken x

Hi Velogirl O yes no just what you mean I suffer with my hands most days and at night numbness pins and needles and shooting pains and my bones in my fingers lock on me have dropped that many things It gets me down Occupational therapist gave me gloves for daytime and splints to put on at night When it first started I was still working and it was getting worst old GP kept saying it was a virus and as the pains are all over my body I worked in a in a nursery one of the staff past me a baby and my left hand and wrist gave way thank god I used my arm to support the hold will only hold my granchilden if I am sat down know. It was so scary its the simple things that get to me like opening a bottle using a knife broke that many cups, plates, and glasses often sat cry'ed because I feel angry at myself I do hope your day is good one xx

Hi Velogirl,

I am sooo sorry to hear you are having such pain in your hands - I have had fibro for 28 years and had the same sensation in my hands for the past four years - so my opinion is that it is a fibro symptom. I am not sure if it is a side effect of the Lyrica, but since I am taking LDN this has disappeared and I sleep like a baby these days. Have been on it for the past three months and I can only recommend that fibro people should try it. Are you taking LDN?

velogirl in reply to Naturegirl

Hi Naturegirl, no I don't take LDN ( well, I'm pretty sure I don't unless it is called by some other name too ) :-) x

I know just how you are feeling or not as the case may be :) I have carpel tunel syndrome in both hands now. My left hand the fingers tips are permanently odd I am having steroid injection next week so i should get relief for a few weeks.

I hope you get some relief,try wearing compression wrist bands they help!

Best wishes


I too get pins and needles but have also had carpel tunnel syndrome investigated so see your GP.

Hi there, well as others have said it certainly sounds like carpal tunnel but a trip to the GP for investigation required. My carpal tunnel was in both hands, but after finally having the op I was left pins, needles & pain free. Woo hoo. sadly, as my hands once again became painful over the coming years it was confirmed that I have Fibro. Shame, as it gives me the same pains in my hands, complete with pins & needles. Dag nammit . . . lol. Hope you get sorted soon, best wishes x

velogirl in reply to craftieness

Hi craftieness, I feel for you. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with fibro and to be honest I have just been putting this pain down to it, but it has become far more severe lately. I get the numbness and tingles in my left hand but it is my right hand that is the problem, being right handed I thought that could be the reason, using my right hand more .... but upon reading the posts here I most certainly will be asking my GP if it might be carpal tunnel - I did suffer from that when I had my younger daughter although that was 17 years ago :-/ Gentle hugs to you and best wishes xx


Sounds just carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands were the exact same, I used splints at night only for a while to help ease the pain. I would suggest checking it out with your doctor to be sure. :)


hubby gets that and he was told it is Carpal Tunnel. GP prescribed wrist splints which have really helped.



A huge thankyou to everyone who took the time to reply, it is much appreciated. I shall definitely consult my GP and ask for her help and advice. xxx

Hi im sorry to hear about your pain. I to have just had carpal tunnel diagnosed after tests at neurological hosp which showed nothing but this can happen in tests.. waiting to go to physio for splints I have this in both hands it is almost unbearable I've had this for 2 years before I went to gp as I thought it was just part of fibro. I am interested to hear how the other lady gets on with injections. See your gp and get the ball rolling as it does take a while . meanwhile lots of sleeplessnights pain and tears its so frustrating. Hope you are sorted soon gentle hugs xx

Sounds like a pinched nerve. Ask your doctor. Hope you get some relief soon!!! xxx Mitzi

I agree with all the others, please go and see your GP. They can refer you for a nerve conduction study so that it can diagnose or rule out carpal tunel syndrome.

Its quick and painess. There are several options, but if severe an operation can be performed, which isnt as bad as it sounds. I had one hand done just over a year ago. For me as it was left for far too long, that recovery took a long while, but the op does take the pain and orher feelings away fairly quickly.

Go see your GP, thats your first port of call.

I wish you luck and hope you can get it sorted quickly xx

I have pins n needles n strange painfully feeling in both my hands n feet..i cant grip n drop things..all the time..just had blood tests ..awaiting tired...n so much pain.

Once again I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to reply, your comments are much appreciated. I have an appointment with my GP at the end of next week - will post how I get on. Thankyou all again xx

Hi folks. I took the advice and saw my GP - it turns out it isn't carpal tunnel it's Spondylosis , stemming from my neck down the nerves in my arm to my fingers. Gentle neck excercises, anti spasm tablets and increased dosage of gabapentin & amatryptoline ... oh joy :-/ Thanks for your suggestions though, gentle hugs to everyone x

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