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Does anyone else get pelvic pain at the back?


This started as a Question then thought it too long so made it a blog!! :-)

When I stand to shower or wash and brush my teeth I get a very acute pain in the lower back ,almost level with the Kidney area,and I can hardly walk. It creeps aacross the whole area and gets worse as I try to walk.I can't walk at the best of times but the pain is so bad I almost drop. After ten mins of lying down it go's off or if I sit on my stair chair,then I can waddle to the bedroom with help,or the lounge.

I have of late had too much going on to mention it to my Dr,as I have 4 dif specialyst's to see in the next month already. So just wondered if other's get this or not.

Saw Dr this week and had 5 things for him to sort for me!

Thanks for any comments Very Gentle Hugs today x

Rainbow x

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Iv always had pain in that area,that is where most of my lies all the time,this morning i was having a wash,brushed my teeth then sorted the laundry so i was leaning over for quite a while and the area that you describe went into some sort of spasm and I made it to the bedroom and after lying down for a 10 mins it went,I do know how you feel,I think its just another thing that goes with fibro which some people get,I have to admit it doesn't usually go into spasm and give as much pain as that,if its something that's happening a lot when your at the sink maybe you could try chair to sit on and see if that helps..PB xx

Thanks ,I did try a chair but the dining room one is too low and I have an invalid one with sprayed legs and it has me too far away. I even get it in the shower, am thinking of getting a walk in bath or shower with rails and a seat. At the moment it all seems too much upheaval.....I have to learn to deligate..but have always been so indipendent. ........... Guess we all have to learn that one .;-)

Take care gentle Hugs x x x x RD

Maybe look out for a tallish stool,they don't have splayed legs and can be higher than a dining chair,Argos may have something,just a thought...Julie xx

Yes thanks will try that x x x x

Hi Rainbowdancer

I have pelvic pain really badly around the back of my pelvis however i put it down to having a bone craft taken when they broke and reset my pelvis xx

I had a bone graft on my left leg and it has left my right one weeker as it has taken all the strain. I think the way I walk is what has done my hip....Gonna ask the Orthapedic surgion when I see him.

Thankyou for your comments Gentle Hugs x x

my first graft failed so they opened up right side and used graft from there so i have lovely matching crescent scars , i think the surgeon should have just put a zip in as the left side has been opened 3 times so far.

My right leg has always been shorter than my left and i have a lot of muscle missing in fact there is no muscle on the outside of the hip joint , mind you it does make it easier for steroid jabs but means i have to stay in bed for 48 hours after

I had a fantastic orthopod ( now retired ) how about you ? xx

OMGosh ..................mine was in my tib and fib and I also nearly lost my leg to above the knee. Because of that I can't have two knee replacements I need, as I don't have the muscle strength for crutches,and my bonemarrow is a problem due to the infection years ago x x .

What a life we all lead eh! ;-)

Hugs and happy new year Rainbow

indeed we do mine was a congenital defect so not acquired, i had the long wooden crutches that went right up under your arms , they were great you could just rest on them stood up , not as good as the zimmer but better than walking sticks

i am still intending on growing out of my condition :)

happy new year to you too xx

i do but have never had grafts soft hugs and hope you get the

answers you are looking for

soft hugs kath

yes.i have had low back pain on and off but since 31 st dec I have had severe low back pain and its not going away.saw dr yesterday and he said it could be a urine infection but this proved not to be and that it was muscular.didnt even suggest it is linked to cancer

circuitrunner in reply to anbuma

For myself many years doctor blamed everything on fibro untill it got to the point I would not accept this and requested MRI he refused but fortunately was helped financially and went private to find I have degeneration of the spine. So if the pains get too fierce do not get fobbed off and attempt to get further tests done.

Hi Rainbow, I have severe pelvic pain, it took the doctor 10 yrs to finally get a diagnosis. He said I just pulled a muscle. Eventually I got an x ray & I had a mis-aligned

Pelvis. I have all the holistic treatment available which would ease it & make it bearable. 6 years ago it ceased up completely & I couldn't walk for 4 months of so. I got a referral by the hospital to a cranial sacrial physio & she got me going again, with lifestyle changes. I have never been back to normal & suffer constantly all over now. I can't walk far, never have a day out shopping anymore as I can't. I fell down the stairs on Sunday & it's agony again. I was taught to pace myself & it does help. I lay down frequently which really helps with getting through the day.

My advice would be go & see your doctor as its such a long road to get treatment done. I also wear curaheat heat pads on my lower back & it really helps with the pain.

Good luck & take care

Debs xx

It shouldn't take long to ask your GP for a referral to physio to get this checked out.

Thank you all for your support, I am already under physio but they just get me to walk in the pool for ten mins, I am going to ask to see the Physio who set up my Hydrotherapy for me ,because they dont check I am ok or try anything new...they don't even ask how I am doing and I need them to talk to me about my progress or non progress! :-(

I have so many diff: outpatients I have to go to at the moment ,but I was thinking of asking for an MRI next time I see the Dr. Also supposed to have a physio coming in to help me but they have not been in touch.

While typing this out I have had a call from the Council (Social services ) who called the other day to say we could get a payment to our bank to pay for care at home and be here when my OH goes into respite. They now say they don't think we need help that way so someone will come in a half hr a day,for now or 3 times a day when I am on my own!!! Its a joke ...My husband goes to leatherhead Combat Stress for 3 weeks twice a year....but they think I can manage!! :-(

Sorry to waffle on but I feel so down because my OH Dr says it is all too much for him and the carer that will come in can wash and half dress me.....the mind boggles as to how that will help my OH as I can dress my upper body if I am given my clothes>

Well I better get doing some finacial checks to see what we can scrape together ourselves.

Genle Hugs to you all

Rainbow x x x

This blog might help with physio:


I left home at 8am today to go to my brothers and then onto Edinburgh to a private clinic-10am appt.came out 11am and then had to go for an ultrasound scan in a different part of Edinburgh.this was not till 3.30 pm .so spent 4 hours sitting in a car.walking round shops and then getting to the hospital at 2.30 sat there for an hour ahead of scan was all done in 15 minutes.then an hours drive back home .when got home I could not get out of the car.

still they say it is bloating btu that does not explain the pain soreness and discomfort I am in 24/7 and no one believes I have I the only one that can feel them?the gynaecologist who did the scan said I had gallstones.i also now think my back pain etc is sciatica.

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