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Does anyone get pins and needles in their head?


Weird feelings today !!along with the usual pain and not being able to walk with out falling over. I have sort of pins and needles in side of my head on left and right side from the jaw upto my temples and a part of my cheeks...Feels really weird bit like if you feel sick but I don't feel sick. I also am having a problem with getting warm and usually its me moaning its too hot please turn down the heating. I have tried to ignore it but it has been going on nearly all day on and off. :-(

Going to lay on my new massage chair and see if that will help. It is a massarge chair and heats up too.

Take care everyone ((((((Gentle Hugs all round))))))))))) ;p

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similar rainbowdancer. hope you feel better soon.

can I have a go on your chair?



You sure can !! It is amazing we got it from Ideal World. I had one that you put on a chair but it was not as good. So thought we would try this it is helping me a lot.

Hugs RD x

I've been similar all day ... difficult to concentrate when ther are icy cold pins and needles in your scalp and face. I've put it down to the stress I'm under at the moment and having just completed my first week of Duloxetine.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx

Thanx Julie I have not changed my meds,and at the moment (touch hairy wood ) I don't have it today x x

((((((((((((Gentle Hugs back x ))))))))))))))))))


Hi Rainbowdancer

If the sensation continues a strongly advise you see your doctor. It doesn't sound like it is the sort of side effect you should be getting from drugs. It would be best to get it sorted as soon as possible.

If you can't get to the doctors give NHS direct a call.

Piggie hugs xxxx

rainbowdancer in reply to Hidden

Thanx Piggie x Its gone today I just get it now and again. Could have been over tired x x

Hugs from the rainbow lol x x x

all the beeping time, its a nightmare, as yet i have not found a remedy, but you have my empathy

Thanx Saphire I don't get it all off the time,TG but its gone today. Hope yours goes away soon x x x

((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))) RD

Think we all need to jet off somewhere where it is light for more hours of the day and constant heat..... sound like bliss??????

Pick me up on the way x x

Yep I get pins and needles tingling in my right cheek .... It starts off mild and doesn't feel that bad then it suddenly crosses the line to become pain if I rub my cheek gently it immediately goes away... What weird things we all have

VG xx

We sure do and it never lets you forget its still about !!

RD x


I often get a numb face, and realised today that my chin and cheek on the right side was tingly, and then realised i get that a lot but had not thought much of it. so in answer to your question, yes! :D

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