Does anyone else get bizarre noises in throat?

I get weird gurgling/burping noises from deep in my throat.......not like a normal burp, from much lower is worse if i lean forward and totally awful if i lay on my left hand side! I first experienced this when I had savage heart burn wen I was pregnant 13 years ago & on & off ever since.....however in the past 3 years it is just constant & so desperately embarrassing, even talking on the phone, which I tend to avoid now. Not sure if it is a fibro condition or as a result of severe acid reflux due to the many years of taking pain meds for fibro........does anyone else experience anything like this? Am so embarrassed & becoming a flippin recluse so that I don't have to explain to people.....but then I have no idea wat it is I am explaining!!! Sorry, very long for my first ever question! Gentle huggles to you all, Janey x

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  • I get something like space dust popping in my throat

  • Yes, that is a brilliant description!!!!!

  • I get that when I am laying down - my husband thinks I am snoring from my throat lol

  • i have had both the 'space dust popping' and the gurgling sound... no one believed me with the 'space dust sound but my other half hears the gurgling... it is more than likely down to acid reflux.. i am now having trouble swolllowing and am due to have several tests next week, inculding a gatoscropy.. i have found that like FM doctors tend to put reflux down to diet or something then give you pills and forget about it but severe reflux can lead to complications and should always be checked out..... gentle hugs to all..xxxx

  • and heres me thinking it was only me with the space dust thing, thank god for this site

  • hi glad you found some others with the same thing but dont forget to mention it to the doctor ... gentle dyslexic hugs

  • i too get a crackling ruttling sound in my throat and have to cough to get rid of hubby too blames me for snoring lol but i know its not that,sometimes the noise wakes me up its that loud.

  • Yey! other people with space dust/popping candy... thank you! Anyone know why/what causes it?

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