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I have no idea how I go about going on the sick (I know its not called that anymore but in my day it was) I have Fybro, oesteo arthritis, vit D deficeincy, bursitis in hip, tennis elbow, HBP and depression. I am at the moment a foster carer BUT I have a very difficult placement at the moment and I just dont think I'm well enough to do this anymore. This placement has been very stressful to the point of me ending up at A&E last week with Chest pain (put down to stress) and my depression has got worse. I just dont think I can do it anymore and with all my ailments I dont feel well enough to work full time elsewhere so what do I do? where do I start? your advice would be very much appreciated :-)

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Hi. You need to go to your doctors and they will sign you off or at least chat to you about your options and point you in the right direction.

Piggie hugs xxx


Thank you :-)


yes see the doctor and he should sign you off and send the sick note to job centre plus

hope you feel a little better soon

hugs x


Firstly contact your social worker and ask for the child to be moved to a different placement. They can't expect you to continue the placement if you are ill.

Then go and see your doctor and tell him how you are feeling and he can help you with the sick note.

Social services should be helping you.


Social services are a joke! they dont know the meaning of the word support. I have given notice on the placement so I am just waiting for them to find a suitable alternative placement. Thanks for all the advice. Im going to have a few weeks without a placement and see how I feel then. Maybe a younger child would be more suitable (just havn't got the energy I used to have for these teenagers) xx


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