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How do I make a flare go quicker??

Hi everyone,

I have been having the most painful flare for the last 3 weeks. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to make a flare up go away quicker? I have been off sick from my nursing placement for nearly 3 weeks now and am desperate to get back but am in so much pain and am so exhausted I can hardly get out of bed. I've seen my GP twice in the last 2 weeks the first time she said to increase amitriptyline to 75mg a night and asked if I had heard from the pain clinic again. I had heard from them - they want me to do a 12 week pain management course once a week for 12 weeks. The second time I saw GP she just did some blood tests and said she wanted to sign me off for longer. I asked her to just do it for 1 week cos really thought I would be ready to go back by now.

I don't know what to do - help!! :(

Gentle hugs

Becky xxxxx

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Morning Beckyglen

I am so sorry to hear you are working through a flare up at the moment. You ask if there is a way of making it go quicker.? The answer is to rest rest rest it will go in its own time .

Please try some relaxation exercises and then rest again if you feel bad

cuddle up look after yourself. I don't think any of us have found a way speed it on its way, if some one has please let us all in on the secret . Do try and pass the time by retaining a sense of humor it lightens the loan , keeps your spirit invigorated and above all exercises your giggle button. I hope you are smiling now Cupcake



Thank you for your lovely message Gins! It was really helpful and made me smile so thank you again. I'm cuddled up with my dogs and a nice cup of tea xxx


Hi Becky so sorry to to hear your going thru a very bad flare at the moment, wish you better, the best thing I've found is just to pace yourself and rest rest rest and more rest like gins has said.....sending you gentle hugs to heal you....Dee xx


Thank you so much for your kind words Dee! My uni has suggested I take a break until I feel well enough to go back to my placement. So I am going to try to stop worrying about getting behind and try to concentrate on getting as well as I can.

Gentle hugs back to you

Becky xxxx


That's one of the best supports a good employer. I think we spoke before. That's pretty good stress reduction. And yes, rest rest rest. If you find a way to speed it up you won't need to be a nurse, you'll be able to buy Russia. Anything that raises endorphins for you, PAT dogs are great especially if they're your own. Healing gentle hugs :)


I should come on this site more often, it is such a help to read everyone's advice experiences etc, I'm having a bad flare up now and most of the time I just try to keep going, but today I did rest, in a lot of pain. The most frightening thing I experience, not all the time, is when going to sleep, my throat feels like it's closing up only for a couple of seconds but I get very shaky and it's quite disturbing, I don't sleep well at all after that, does anyone else have this thanks Sarnie xxxx


Hi lefraorchard

I am so sorry to read that you are also having a flare up at this time. I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon as well.

Take care

Ken x


Thank you xxxxx


Hi beckyglen

I am so sorry to read that you are having a bad flare up at this time, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the problem. As gins as said rest is really the best bet. I know it is infuriating and frustrating but it is all we can do really.

Take care and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

Ken x


Thank you x


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