How long do flare ups usually go on for?

I was diagnosed with Fibro in April and I am still trying to get my head around it. I don't seem to have the depression that goes with it but do have the pain and the fatigue.

I cam on before and said about my vision problems and have at long last got an appointment in the first week of October. Thank you for your advice about me going to the docs about that. I will let you know how I get on. I have the disturbed vision and the black shutters come over my eyes from time to time.

Meanwhile I have this last 3 weeks been really ill with the excruciating pain all over, really and the fatigue and the vision problems. I have not been out on my regular daily walks because of this. uring this horrible phase I also had swollen ankles and my gout toe swelled up to double its size. (gone down now though) When I did try to walk it was slooching along (if you understand what I mean) and my feet wouldn't come off the ground properly. Now all this lasted for 3 weeks. Is that normal and what I can expect to happen again, if so I want to give this Fibro back please it is horrible. Oh and headaches as well, and cramp in my feet. I was in a whirl with this happening to my body.

Today I am ok, well you know what ok is like for us but ok enough to cope thank goodness.

Have a good day everyone.



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  • Hi liz123, I'm sorry but I think the question about flares lasting is about the same sort of question as "how long is a piece of string". Everyone is very individual and what lasts but days for some can last for weeks for others and then months even for some very unlucky people. If we knew the answer to this question part of our problems could be over because if we could think "oh in two weeks all this will have passed" we would be much better able to cope with the bad times when they came upon us.

    I think most of the things you mention are happening to you now are things some of us have experienced at times and I'm sure you will get moe people with knowledge coming along to help you with advice and encouragement.

    Foggy x

  • Thank you Foggy, It seems that everyone is so different but the same in as much as the symptoms are mostly there in all of us but come out in different ways.

    I dare say I will get my head around it soon.

    Liz x

  • I too was diagnosed in April with fibro and sero neg RD and as for the coming to terms bit well I havent coped very well and I had a bit of a melt down this morning. I have been trying to get a chicken house together as I want to adopt some ex batt hens but as usual my hands just dont want to play ball! I got so frustrated with dropping things and hurting so much I ended up in floods of tears. I get blurred vision and visual disturbance of tunnel vision when just about to get a migraine but not shutters. I have also had swollen feet and ankles for about 6 months non stop now. I find acqa helps a little but I find walking impossible. I too wish we could give this fibro back. I dont even want a refund or credit note they can have it back for nothing. Enjoy the rest of your day. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Thanks Joolz, I am lucky that I can walk a bit aren't I? I can't walk far or fast but do try as much as I can.

    I like the water and swim as much as I can bu have not tried aquarobics yet so will give that a go.

    Gentle hugs

    Liz xx

  • Not knowing what is going too happen and when is one of the more frustrating parts of this condition all that is left is making the best of each day as it comes.

    Hope for the best and plan for the worst as tomorrow might be a better day :-)

  • That sounds an excellent philosophy Ian. Thanks.

    Liz x

  • Hello Liz123,

    Welcome to the FibroAction community!

    We've many members here who share their experiences in the hope it will help others and we have our website for information all about Fibro. Here's the link to the factsheets you may find helpful;



    Regarding your question about flares they do vary in length of time depending on whether you've got an infection, stressful situation, overdone it etc - they are various reasons why you may experience a flare.

    Here is a link written by our Founder of FibroAction charity about flares which may be of interest followed by a link to our 'Expert Patient' range of information. This has a section on listening to your body which I thought may be of help;


    I wondered if I may provide you with this link about Push & Crash (Boom & Bust), many people with Fibro sometimes get into this cycle (me included! sometimes). We feel really good do loads and then we go downhill and flare. It is hard but it is better to do less on your good days rather than pushing & crashing.

    Being newly diagnosed this all takes time to adjust to living with Fibro, finding treatments that work for you and many people go through stages in the journey to acceptance.

    I don't want to overload you with information, so please do take your time to read it at your leisure. We are here if you need to chat

    Hope your good feeling lasts :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Liz123

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing such a bad flare, and I genuinely hope that it does not last too much longer for you. Sadly, it is impossible to say how long it could last?

    I would discuss this with your GP if your symptoms persist just to have anything else ruled out of the equation? Please take care and I hope that you feel more like your usual self again soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken,

    I am a little better now thanks. I suppose I will get used to it and be able to cope a little better next time. Some have left me links to read through and that is most helpful.

    Here's to a better nights sleep tonight. (Ha ha that will be the day or night) Just a few good hours will do me.

    Liz xx

  • Thank you everyone for your help and advice, it has been most helpful. I have managed to read all of your answers now and looked at the links but there were a couple that didn't open properly. They state 'page does not exist' Perhaps you could check out the sites Health unlocked/fibroaction and Health unlocked - public. Thanks

    Liz xx

  • OMG I want to give it back too but when you think about it and maybe you have a worse enemy I wouldn't want them to have it. :-(

  • Hard question, it just depends. On what...I have NO IDEA. It's like our bodies are being invaded and we aren't welcome any longer. I do find that when the seasons change like spring and fall are the worse times for me. Although this summer was cooler than normal so it's not been a very good year. Fibro affects or is related to so many other things. It makes it harder and harder to deal with. Have you been to a pain clinic? I suffered until it became unbearable and finally caved in. Now at least the pain is bearable. Hope this helps answer your question hon. xxxx Mitzi

  • Hi Mitzi

    Yes I have been to a pain clinic and they were the ones that prescribed Pregablin along with Tramadol, Amiltrptine and Paracetomol. Tbis works for a lot of the time and I can manage the pain but it was when this horrible flare happened that it became so hard to bear. Today I am much better but I would love to hear if anyone has other remedies to ward off the flares

    Gentle hugs

    Liz xxx

  • I don't know of any remedies sweetheart but they could give you a different medicine or another one just for those extra bad days. XXX Mitzi

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