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atos examination

to start at the beginning , jan 2008 i was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer had a year of chemotheraphy which caused nerve damage in my hands and feet and i also started with fibromyalgia ,i got a blood clot in my lung which has left me suffering with breathlessness i also have bladder and bowel problems gastritis, under active thyroid ,hypertension and depression and all this according to atos has made me fit for work . i received my letter yesterday and all benefit was stopped the same day . how do i appeal thank you to anyone who can help me

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I am sure others on here would be able to give you better advise, but that sounds awful. I would imagine you need to get back in contact with them ASAP and tell them you want to appeal. At least get the ball rolling.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


thank you pinkpig where do i go to start the ball rolling is it atos or dwp xx


I would start with your MP, look up his website, which should give you his email address. Put the whole thing before him, including your full name, address and N.I number. Tell him about the stage 3 cancer and point out the inhumanity of the current system.

Part of yor MP's job is looking after the interests of his constituents, after all, he wants your vote, let him earn it.

Also, get back to DWP, appealing the decision.

Cheers, Midori


thank you so much midori


been to my gp this morning she was disgusted and gave me a 3 month sickness note and my colorectal.specialist nurse is asking my oncologist to write me a letter what else will i need .what will happen at the appeal so scared and i havent done anything wrong ,


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