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Atos Medical

I had my Atos Medical yesterday, which was gruelling from start to finish. When I arrived at the medical centre the security guard asked whether I had been told to go to the front office as the main medical room was at the back and if there was a fire there is 15 steps to the fire exit. I said I was not told anything about going to a front room, and was taken just over 100 metres to the back office. ( This took about 10 minutes with 2 stops with me having to sit down, and 2 where I leant against my husband and the wall for a few seconds), by the time I arrived I was shaking, sweating, legs throbbing in pain, chest tight, and breathing shallow. The receptionist immediately said, that the doctor is waiting for me at the front office, and I will have to go back, I could not believe it. After resting for 10 minutes, the return journey took almost half hour, I had to keep stopping every few steps, and sat for 15 minutes, to get over dizziness and catch my breath. Each step i made received shooting pains in my right knee and spasms in my back. My right hand was aching so much because I was leaning so heavily on my walking stick by this time. We then had to sit and wait for another 45 minutes before we were able to see the doctor and have the medical. The doctor was very nice and apologised for everything. He asked me the expected questions and asked me to perform very simple actions, one I did not even attempt which was to stand and squat down and get up again. I explained that with my knee, back, and balance problems, there is no way I could do that. On examining me he became very interested in my right ankle, which was broken 24 years ago. I had 30 stiches either side and had screws and brackets inserted, it still swells and hurts, especially during cold weather. He asked why I had not mentioned this, and I said I was so used to just dealing with it, but he said he was putting it in the report as it clearly impacted on me and still caused me pain.

My husband recorded the medical on his Iphone

So I am hoping this goes well, and they accept that I do have mobility issues. I currently only receive lower rate care, and although I work full time from home, my conditions have got a lot worse and I need more support.

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Oh my goodness you poor thing! Sounds like you had a horrible time! Atos don't really come across as being the most sympathetic towards the needs of people with disabilities, how awful, that they made you walk all over the biulding in the state that you describe that you were in! Well, its all over with now, its a good thing your husband recorded it too. I hope you get the outcome you are hoping for and you get the help and support you obviously need.

(((((Hugs)))) for you xxx


I expect they made Shazz do that deliberately, as they watch you from the windows. The interview or assessment starts long before you get in the building.


Sorry to hear you have had a bad time of it. Ive got mine coming up soon


Gosh Shazz, what an ordeal for you. Like snicky said, ATOS seem to be completely unaware of the pain and suffering they cause, perhaps that's because they haven't got a clue what they're up makes me so angry when I hear things like your experience, and sadly you are one of many many.

I hope though that through this the doctor, who it must be said seems a bit more on the ball than others I've heard of, gives ATOS all the information and that you get put straight into the support group.

Sending healing vibes your way, you must be shattered today after all that !

Foggy x


Thanks Fibrofoggiest

my appointment was at 10.30am, and we actually left the medical centre at 1.15pm. When I got home it was straight on the Tramadol, Amitriptyline and Voltarol Rub, and to bed. I actually slept through until 2am this morning, and feel absolutely awful today. My legs will not stop throbbing with pain


HI S.hazap You certainly had a very tough time - I hope you are feeling more comfortable today. I suspect it will take you some time to feel ok about it.

I do hope your legs are raised when you go to bed it will help with the throbbing if nothing else.

Try and remain as positive as you can while you await the outcome :) gentle

hugs from me



it's a horrible experience to go through. I had mine back in May and it really took it out of me. I had my medical recorded by request, when I first got my appointment through. It is always a good idea to have it recorded. I hope you feel more rested and better soon. Take care

Tannels xx


poor you.from my experience of ATOS medicals-they do this kind of stuff to test/catch you out to see if you cannot walk etc. at one i had the atos person shook my hand .let me go thru the door first ,gave me a pen attached to a clip board -all this was to see how I picked things up,if i could reach to open a door etc etc


An awful thing they put u through ! Good luck tho with the outcome. I have just had a visit from the dla doctor , it lasted about 45 mins , he was sent from the judge at the tribunal I attended 8 weeks ago , fingers crossed for us all that have to go through this process , xx


I find this truly unbelievable!! What on earth did they think they were doing!! I would've demanded they see me in the corridor I think!! You poor thing, actually having to go through the medical after all that!!!! XX


Well I am hoping it will turn out for the better, as the doctor examined my ankle quite intensely and noted that it was swollen and sore to touch. He kept asking why I had not mentioned this as it was clearly still causing me issues, some 20+ years later.

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Hi there. I fully appreciate your problems every time it go to them I feel like hanging myself what with the constant pain and then the stress of sitting there whilst they make you look like a lier.

I told my GP about the pain and stress and he advised home visits. So the dr wrote a letter to ATos for them to home visit me and believe it or not I'm still waiting there first visit 4 years later.

Hope this helps


Just thought I would update. I have just spoken to DWP who said my reconsideration has been done and I am still on low rate care. I cannot believe this, and am in tears. I just can't deal with this anymore.


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