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I had the dreaded white envelope on my door mat this morning from yes !!! ATOS I had filled in a medical form weeks ago and now they want me to be at their medical centre which is 15 miles away on a bus for 11 am I have no chance of being there for that time it takes me 3 hours to get enough strength up to get washed and dressed and that is with help. What are these people thinking that we are really superhuman and have nothing wrong with us. This will be my 4th medical in 12 mths with these people. I know what ever I say will be twisted around by them as this is what they do. BUT I AM READY FOR THEM THIS TIME. They will not trick me into a false sense of security like they have before. I shall go as I am at that time of the day half dead half alive. Do these people never give up. I am in a wheelchair and can not do a lot for myself any-more so be warned Atos I am not very happy at that time of day.

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  • If you can't get to the ATOS medical within 90 minutes, you are entitled to a taxi paid for by ATOS. Ring the number on your appointment letter to book it.

  • By public transport ie.

  • Or demand a home visit...

    VG x

  • Yes,as VG said,you are entitled to a home visit.If you have mobility problems and your interview is not on the ground floor ,you would struggle to use the stairs in the event of a fire.Atos say in the small print that you should contact them in this case.Ask your GP for a letter of confirmation and ring ATOS.

  • That's the drawback, unless you actually need help to get out of the house, most doctors will not give you a letter.

  • Iv got mine on monday at 9am it takes me an hour to get there! Good luck

  • think we`ll be doing ATOS MEDICALS till they get the required result! and the DWP don`t get it!!!

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