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Atos medical

Hello everybody well I have my Atos medical tomorrow is it worth bothering to attend as we can all guess what the out come already is job seekers lol last time i was awarded 6 points as i could not pick up a pound coin ( the paper work said ) and i had a small carrier bag which weighed more then the pound coin that the doctor picked up to check the weight ie my purse and 2 letters which he asked what they were when i said my proof he promptly shoved them back in the carrier bag without reading i may add ... so not sure how he worked that one out ...even funnier i had not been diagnosed with fibro on that medical, i went in for what he described was a bad back as i had xrays to prove it to which he also screwed his face up another thing he didnt like i appealed but within 2 weeks esa wrote and said we looked at your paper work your fit for full time job seekers i never had an appeal to attend either funny as i was dismissed for not being able to attend 18 hours in my last job as not being able to forefill my job role best day i had getting the sack lol

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Info on assessments

If you email us at I could send you the Benefits&Work guide on appealing a DLA decision.


Hello Lindsey thank you for the site info I just sent a email and asked for any info on appeals for DLA and the Atos work assesment which is the assesment I have tomorrow i did apply for dla once got turned down i didnt bother to appeal and the form was so thick just could not summon the will to go through it again probably pending the same results as a no again i mean just how much pain disability and illness does someone have to have to get recognised these days ...

As for the job centre my advisor bullied me so bad after four months i was told by the disability adviser to get signed back off as i was in such a state when i saw her she said you obviously she be on ESA .. three times he threatened to have my money stopped stating i wasnt doing enough to get a job the first threat was after being on job seakers for 6 weeks he said i should of had a job by then all the medicine i take he said i must apply for driving work i said i not legal to drive cause of the medication he still put me down for driving work all he ever said was you signed the form to state your fit for work illness didnt come into it it was a joke they i was treated something should be done about advisers and there big ego drives too any how thank you for your help kindness goes a long way bless you lindsey and people like you xx


i wonder if you took a driving job at their insistence and had an accident because of the meds you take, how would that look in a court of law when they insisted you drive although you said you couldn't! !!!

knowing our luck, our insurance would become void as we know we shouldnt drive because of it….but where does that leave the health advisor who MADE you take the job ???? i wonder ???? xxx


Hi Rozzyb

well you have a personal responsibility so if I drove and got blood tested I would fail and it would be totally down to me, as i took the desision and made the choice thats why I would not apply for a driving job and if a job involved the possibility of being expected to drive on the odd occasion i would tell them in the interview i would not and cannot drive due to medication and just refuse to do it the best result on the refusel would be to sack me then i will just claim again

no more will i be people carpet to wipe feet on ... people just dont like it when you stand up for yourself and a lot more people need to do it .... think how hard people have to work now for their money what will it be like in another ten years working class are treated like crap, working hard got me ending up with fibro, irrateble bowel a hernia, a prolapse and the sack to go with it so working like a dog for nothing aint happening no more so now i will play the system hjust like the government and big organisations play us xxx


well my medical got cancelled due to them being a doctor short and far to busy lol now looking at the 21st of june instead what a shame lol


i got my letter sataday to say i am being taken off incapasaty this month and put on the back to work one. dont no what to do or who to see about this. any help please


incapacity is being fazed out now so now its esa support group or work related they then do regular assestments to try and put u on jobseekers instead its really awfull out there now i hope u ok


Hi unio06,

Can give you a little advice maybe, but i'm sure on here others can give you more.

Phone and ask them why you are being put on the other benefit and go to citizens advice for help they really are very good.

I see this was a month ago, i hope in the meantime you've got something sorted

Take care

Jan xx


Hi Jan yes I had good news had another atos asessment on 5th july this thursday i had a brillient result i got put in the support group so fri i went to job centre and asked what happens in the support group well its more cash so i can actually have some heating this winter and she said i been put in for a minimum of a year then u get a review so i am so relieved and a bonus no interviews or work related activitys either she said im too ill and dont have too ....

the atos doctor was really lovely wrote down everything let me speak it lasted a good hour unlike the last one with a man and not allowed to speak and out in around 10-15 minutes ...i was convinced i would be shoved back on jsa instead this time as well as they so cruelly treating people now adays so i believe God looked after me this week .....i asked for a copy of my medical too so i can see what they put in it i happy now it's such a relief for me now more pressure and being sick with worry all the best Jan xx


Hi bluecelestite,

Well excellent news for you then, i'm so pleased. It is such a relief as i well know.Takes the pressure off for while. Makes me so cross we have to worry about keeping warm, as i find with fibro the cold really does make it worse.

I also got put into the support group, and didn't think to ask for a copy of my medical, should have done really, be interesting reading maybe!!

take care and all the best

Jan xx


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