The one thing I was dreading is going to happen. I am In the process of changing from DLA To PIP. A letter came yesterday. I Have to have a medical with Atos in 2 weeks time. Instant pain, stress, tears. I am a wreck. They want me there at half 8 in the morning. I am sedated at night and have no chance of getting there at that time. My whole body has cramped, my muscles are going into spasms. I can feel the tension in my neck, shoulders and back. How do I deal with this.

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  • I think you need to contact them and tell them your difficulties, Please don't allow this to make you ill, tell them and get all the support you can. They can't insist on that ridiculous time with your circumstances. Lou xx

  • Thank you so much. I will get my daughter to ring them on the morning.

  • What a ridiculous time for an assessment for something like PIP. I think you need to phone asap and explain your difficulties and ask for a later time.

    Good luck with it all, fingers crossed for you that all goes well.x

  • Thank you. I just want this done and out of the way. It's not fair.

  • I agree with the others that you should contact them and explain your situation. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

    Fingers crossed for you


  • i had mine at home, i just rang them and told them there was no way i could get there due to mobility problems didnt need a doctors letter

  • G.Morning, you can phone them to change the time, I did with ESA interview. My pip interview was in the next city (!!!!?) I phoned them and managed to get it nearer to home. On the day I was in a lot of pain and was going to postpone, then realised that this is what it is all about and went to interview with my husband for support. It was extremely difficult as I couldn't remember words ext but it did show them what it is like. I was extremely lucky and had a Dr who was very aware of Fibromyalgia.

    Good Luck


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