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Atos Drs report

I was recieving high rate mob DLA and middle rate care idefinately, then after just a yr i recieved a letter telling me i was being reviewed, they sent out a dr. to give me a medical.

I was under the impression from what i have heard, that i should not have been asked to sign anything by this Dr, but that was the first thing she ased me to do. As a result of her report, i lost my mobility componant, and was moved to low rate care

I requested the Drs report on which they based their decision, she has written (about me)

"she is not as disabled as she percieves" and she only observed me walk slowly from my front door, (to let her in) into my room, aprox 2mtres, but she also writes that in her opinion,

"she would be able to walk at least 200 mtres"

how can she be allowed to make these assumptions??

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DISGUSTING!! How can she say that?? As you say how can she be ALLOWED to make those kind of assumptions... Oh if only we could let them feel what we feel!!!

I would contest this "evidence" without any hesitation. Perhaps you have a sympathetic GP who would write you a letter of support, outlining your inability to walk any where without pain & difficulty!!

Good luck. xx



Reading your post I would like to provide this link to our FibroAction website where there is information about organisations you can contact for advice on benefits, disability rights and the law. I hope one of these organisations will be able to provide the necessary information regarding the Dr report and the quotes you have mentioned.

All the best



Write and ask her if she is a experienced Rheumatologist and if not, is there a way she could share your life to make your loadlighter


Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that Sings! That's shocking! I hope through the info Emma suggests you are able to take this matter further and hopefully get a good result at the end of it.

If there is anything at all we can do to help and support you, please just ask. We are always only too happy to help you where we can.

If you think the Benefits and Work info sheets will help you, we can send them to you for free if you email There is information about DLA and ESA on these.

I hope you find them helpful. Take care, wishing you all the very best. (((hug))) xxx


It is shocking that so many genuinely ill people are being targeted by ATOS. They seem to want to make their savings at the expense of those who really do need support. Please appeal this decision which is blatantly wrong. Use the info that Emma and Liberty suggest to help you or ask at your CAB for some help. Good luck, stay strong and don't let them get away with it. Jane x


This will never change while ATOS is doing these medicals, I wish we could get rid of them. I had never failed a medical until they came along. Iwish you well in all of this. Many years ago I had a visit at home from a doctor and he asked me to sign the blank piece of paper he had. It was a form and he told me it was for proof that he came. I lost my claim and appealed. My Welfare Rights guy showed me a piece of paper with my signature, a full report saying how I could get up unaided(when hubby tried to help he was told to leave me I could do it) I could walk as well as a normal person and so on.I was asked if I signed it, I said no, Isigned a blank form. It went to appeal and I won, that doctor was not used again. Turned out he had got me to sign the form and then filled it in later on with the opposite of what he had written in front of me !!!!!!! I wish you well xxxxxx


Thanks for all your answers and all your good advice. I am extremely depressed at the moment, as i am now house bound without my car. I will appeal and fight them, because i know its the right thing to do, but i just want to give up at the minute, and am still in shock at what she has written in her report, she has as good as called me a liar. Why is the government picking on the most vunerable people in society, it really is criminal.x


Hi sings 4 him

Don't give up, I started my ESA fight 4/1/12 had Atos June, tribunal july, ATOS again about three weeks ago. Last time the guy wrote all sorts (total crap) this time I attended & took my daughter with me, she dressed quite smartly and took pen & pad , taking notes. I also wrote on my form that I wanted someone there who understood M.E & Fibro - There was a doctor in attendance too -- whether he was there for me or them was never said. The lady carrying out the questions actually seemed nice ( was still very wary, I am not new to this it has been 16yrs) I had pre-warned my daughter to be on her guard that she should not get drawn in to a conversation . I refused to do most of the - lift your arms & legs things as I am currently being seen by a Physio . I was honest but answered for a bad day. I also suffer depression & had letters from mental health. My brown envelope arrived this morning and I was almost crying before I opened it because I too have been almost at the end of my tether with it all. It has been a horrendous year & was thinking cannot take much more......I have now been put in the support group....I know it is all gonna start again next year when it changes to PIP ...but for now I can calm down a bit ...........lots of luck with yours...hope you get a nice lady it seems that just maybe some of them have a


when the atos so called med ;professional attended my house, the fact that he only saw me take 4 steps about 2 metres with sticks in pain he said i could walk about 120mtrs and had no ptsd or depression or anger issues so when i read his report i told them to send him back and i will show him my lack of anger when i snap his lying neck they are not always drs or even registered with bmc which i think should be illegal ...


Hi All

I think the best thing to do is have a list of doctors names and shame all that are involved in their nasty deeds then google them to see where they practise if they do at all, some doctors that ATOS use have actually retired on a vast pension but still want more money and as you all know the goverment pay ATOS more money if they get people off benefits.


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