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Atos 'consultation'!!!!!

Bit of advice/help needed here? I had a Atos 'consultation' for PIPS back in July 13' when I was eventually awarded mobility and living components both on the enhanced rate.

Within eleven months I received yet another PIPS application form to complete, which of course I questioned. I was told that DWP can 'review' your case at any time they choose and I would have to complete the form or loose my benefits!!!

Three days to complete the form due to difficulty in holding a pen and actually being able to concentrate on what I had to complete and the additional stress it was causing and it was submitted (August 14').

Now being into November 14', I have received a letter from Atos to inform me that I have to have ANOTHER 'consultation' but this time in my home, to access how my various and overlapping medical conditions affect my daily living????????????

I cannot understand this as I have overwhelming medical evidence (fibro, IBS/ bladder/fatique/reynards etc etc from doctors/consultants/pain clinic etc, together with many photos (reynards) that has all been submitted to the DWP and I'm already on the enhanced rate?

Has anybody else been subjected to all this intimidation and bully tactics as its really doing my head in with all the stress and worry, plus what a total waste of time and money from the DWP, when all my medical problems are well documented and known by them? My wife is concerned at the pressure this is all putting on me, as I know its NOT doing me any good at all and my wife is certainly going to be present at the consultation, when I'm sure she will be having 'words' with the Atos person!

What actually is involved in a 'home consultation', has anybody had one of these?

Sorry to go on, but I am really worried and concerned.

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Hello Jo-Lyn

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I wonder if it's because your on the enhanced rate that you are assessed so frequently but I am guessing . I have not yet had to apply for pip I'm dreading it . However if I was in your position I would contact either local disability direct or the council have welfare right team that are now called your town name then advice for example DERBY ADVICE they will at least explain why and even look into it for you . Good luck I hope it all a big mistake and you and your wife can get on with your lives without all this terrible stress. All the best squeak xx

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Hi, thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply....much appreciated.

I expect I will let the 'consultation' take its course and act accordingly on what results. I cannot make up on how I am suffering on a daily basis, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Nor can I make up all the medical evidence that I have got that confirms in graphic detail of what I have got and how it affects me. But that is clearly not good enough for Atos, so I do not know what they expect to find any different.

They do not just appreciate what a life changer having these chronic conditions really is like, who the hell would want to make it up, let alone having the medical evidence to back it all up!

Just annoys me having to 'prove' myself and what a waste of money and time.


I'm just sorry I can't help you , it's just terrible that your treated like this . I dread applying for pip despite my health deteriorating my social worker wants me to apply for PiP as she feel I qualify for the enhanced rate . I can't apply as I'm so scared that the system is just not fair and your proof of that . I truly hope that after this visit they leave you alone best wishes to you and your wife Love squeak xx


Cheers for your comments. Its easy to forget that there are many others out there with chronic, permanent illnesses, suffering just the same and being subjected to the same ordeals!

Its about time this goverment woke up to the facts and get things in order. Just think how much tax payers money could be saved in getting rid of 'plonkers' like Atos and the rest of these (un) professional bodies carrying out these consultations.

In my book if a worker is not doing their job right or are not value for money, you sack them.

I agree with you and I expect many others, that this 'system' is just not fair and because of that the genuine folk are made to suffer and boy suffer in more ways than one we all do.

Best wishes to you.


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Hi Jo-lyn

I am sorry that you are going through this stress, all over again. I think they may want to do you a home visit, to assess maybe how you get around in your home, ie getting upstairs if you have stairs in your home, how you may manage to get in your bath/shower and maybe just generally how you may get along in your home. I hope you try not to worry too much and just make sure all what you use in your home are on show and any other aids you also use and try and be yourself because after all its your home and your home is your castle and if they want you to do anything that is uncomfortable for you I think you may have the right to ask the assessor if they would kindly leave. I hope some of this advice helps and tell your lovely wife, to choose some of her choice words clean(smile) All the Best for you both. Ang xx :-)


Thanks for your reply...much appreciated.

I sure can only be myself as bad as that is, but I expect no matter what hapens on the day Atos will complete their results basically lying about every detail, missing out the real facts, as that appears to be the 'norm' from what I have read?

Just seems to me to be total waste of money and time on the part of Atos/DWP, when all the medical evidence and their very long winded application form has been completed and has all been submitted to them!

But even more confusing in that I am already on the higher rates for both components, that was awarded from the previous consultation?

If only I could 'swap' for a day all the aches and pains with a Atos accessor, may be just may be they might understand of what a daily endurance it all really is.

All dreams eh....I'm sure we all wish to have just one day without being in pain or suffering one way or another, to follow up an interest or activity without having to 'pay' for it in the next couple of days being 'wiped out'?


Might be worth speaking to your MP.

I would understand if you are on lower component but not the enhanced.

Be Well


I will leave my comment regarding my local MP, as it might just be deemed as offensive! He is about much use as a chocolate teapot and as elusive regarding appointments as a Dodo!

Its a bit of a laugh as his party is ruining, sorry spelling mistake (Fibro moment) I ment running the country, and looking after everybody's interest, at least thats what I'm led to believe!

Yes, I also cannot understand it being already on the enhanced rate, to have yet another 'consultation'.


Hello Jo-lyn, I agree this development is a big puzzle. So the only thing that comes to mind is that they really want to check up on what they have in your written reports. And they want to make sure that they have not given you too much money, being a pile of two faced thieving swine's, they may try to take back the previous award. The ruining tory's are only happy when they are sitting on their piles of money in the bank, they don't like spending and especially on us ill, disabled, people, they despise us, and they don't believe we need that much help and support, will try and keep up with your posts to see how you get on, and just take you time if/when they ask you to do anything. ttfn


Thanks for your message, much appreciated. I agree with your comments totally and fail to see as to why Atos on behalf of the DWP (Government) have to do a further 'health' check, when you have overwhelming medical evidence.

Clearly the DWP and Atos do not trust the medical profession and Atos employees appear to be more qualified that consultants etc, as they can over rule (and usually do) what are your ilnesses and disabilities atcually are and how they affect you!

I would dearly love to 'swap' any day with anybody from the DWP or Atos with all the crap that I suffer from and have to put up with on a daily basis. All the money in the world will not change what we all suffer from, so it just not too much to ask for a little help, surely?

Certainly can't get my head around that one with the Government trying to save money... when they throw it away on the likes of Atos?????


Jo-lyn hello, have you read in the papers about the American firm that is taking over from Atos, for all these assessments, they have an even worse track record in many states of America. They have been fined and censured many times and I think we should just go back to how things were done before, by doctors reports being sent to the DLA staff in Blackpool, and they make the decisions, and then there would be less stress and long range upset for so many people.

This Tory moron, Ian Duncan Smith, is totally stupid thinking he could make so many changes to the DWP and Council benefits systems. He has spent a total fortune, all for no progress, and in the paper the Universal credit system, is apparently going to be a total major hassle to keep updated, with all regular changes that take place.

Lets just hope that the new government can put things back when they take over, ttfn


Oh Boy, just when you thought it could not get any worse eh? A case of out of the pot and into the frying pan.

Totally confuses me as you mention, that the Government spends a fortune to supposely save money, but when that don't work out the goalposts are changed without a blick as to the cost of it all. Meanwhile guess who suffers financially for all the cock ups?

New Government to put things right? Hum the jury is out on that one, as they are all just as bad as each other once they get into power and all the promises made to get elected go by the wayside.


Hello Jo-lyn, Sooo right, I hope it ends May 2015


I know all cases are different , i can only tell you about mine last year, this very nice man came and sat at the table with his laptop, he asked questions about what i could/couldnt do, how long it took to do things etc, my only advice is , dont lose your temper with the person who calls, he/she is just doing a job that he has been told to do, higher up are the useless, bullying ones, i am in wrag even though i can hardly move some days and have to keep going into the JC for stupid work ecperience, i have worked for 45 years and think i have enough but when i lost it with the girl at the desk, it didnt help and i had to concede it 'wasnt her fault'. Good luck with it all x


Thanks for that, really appreciate your comments.



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