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Atos home visit

I was taken off disability and put on esa the jobcentre and the support work place said that I should appeal as I had obviously been put into the wrong category, which I have done, now nearly a year later I have a tribunral next month, also they have just decided that I have to have a medical, my doctor has send them a letter requesting a home visit, after reading all these NEGATIVE remarks/results about atos I am petrified, what will they expect me to do

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They will expect you do what they say and then they will state you are fit for work. If you cannot do something do not even try it and tell them you cannot. They cannot force you to do anything you are incapable of doing. They have empty box questions that can make you fit for work? IE: lifting both your arms in the air was one of the reasons they said I was fit for work " I could lift an Empty box off a shelf" to date I have never seen an empty box lifters job advertised. Make sure that any medical notes letters you have are made available to the assessor and do not be afraid to ask them if they understand the full conditions of your disabilities.

In my own case I went to appeal and within minuets the judge and doctor threw it out and showed genuine concern as to what I have in place when alone at my home.

I hope all goes well and if you can be with some close to you for support.


Hi offcut, funny ive never seen empty box liftrr job advertised anywhere either, one of my reasons was could lift a bag, it was a tesco carrier bag containing one letter! Rarely even use handbag as too painful for shoulders/neck


They also said to me I noticed you walk with a limp but do not use a stick? I had to explain that the physio told me not to because that would throw my neck shoulder and spine out, plus that a manual wheel chair would cause me more pain than I am already in to propel it.

I think that the way they keep you waiting and then use that against you is so low as they never ask was it painful sitting for that long?


Have somebody with you and you are allowed to record it. I think you have to request this before the visit. I've heard that sometimes the assessors can appear pleasant but be aware not to be lulled into a false sense of security so you say things you don't intend too. If you can't take in a question say so.

You may be lucky. I requested a home visit via my doctor but didn't get one. They put me straight into the SG.

Best wishes.


thank you for your remarks my doctor sent Atos a letter saying that I was not fit to travel the 30 miles to their office, today I received a letter from Atos telling me NOT to attend as my appointment has been cancelled. No mention of a home visit or nothing and my appeal tribunal is in 4 weeks time, don't know how they can do it with no medical or anything, what do you think?


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