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ATOS ESA Medical Assessment Sham!!!

Hello and a big gentle hug to all my fellow FMS sufferers!!!

I attended my ESA Medical Assessment on 21st May 2012 at 3.30pm with my neice, I had sent a 5 page indepth letter stating my long list of symptoms and the difficulties these are causing me in my day to day existance also a list of each medication I was taking. We arrived 15 mins early by taxi and she helped me to get out I was having the most horrific flare up and had been awake most of the night the medical was being conducted on the 4th floor of the dwp building and as I was in agony and feeling exhausted we used the lift ,my neice carried my bag as even that was proving to be a burden, I sat on the seat but could not get comfortable my neice went to the reception desk and gave my details I was asked to sign a form to state I had attended a few mins later the ATOS doctor came and asked us to follow her (I wanted to scream and tell her that I needed to lie down) she asked me loads of questions all of which I had answered in the 5 page letter which was stapled to the ESA form on her desk??

all the way through I could feel her watching my every move she seem to sweet to be wholesome and kept saying in a very quiet voice (we are all girls together) then she attemted to tell us that her typing skills added up to her using two fingers very slowly what a liar we saw her using all 10 fingers and she typed very quickly....I was figeting all the time and could not consentrate she said that ordinarily she would ask me to stretch and bend but she could see I was in pain so she would not ask me too. She went on to add that I would get the result in a few weeks time and she could not give me any indication as to wethe I would be placed in the support group or not as this was not in her remit. we made our way out of the room and as we were walking towards the exit my neice caught a glimpse of the doctor watching us as we made our way out of the corridoor we took the lift to the ground floor and made our way outside I had to lean on the handrail and wait for the taxi to take us home I truly felt ill and my neice had to help me once again to get into and out of the taxi when I got home I collapsed on the settee ''what a day'' I am still awaiting my fate and if I loose my benefit I fully intend to appeal and involve my MP I just wanted you all to beware of soft spoken honey tongued doctors who try to pull the wool over your eyes pretending that they are your best friend so you let your guard down DO NOT BE FOOLED IT IS ALL A SHAM!!!! I will let you know if I keep my benefit or have to appeal xxxKatimaitay

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Good luck katimaitay,

Its so hard for everyone at the minute and its just not fair.

I gave up work last year but i couldnt be bothered going down the esa route so my partner supports me and our three children. We struggle but not as bad as some people. I have just started my dla fight and i have been turned down at the first hurdle so i will be appealing.

hugs, kel xxxx


I am so sorry to hear of your assessment sorry I mean torture I went though this four years ago I got my benefit but the doctor if you can call him that put me though help he answered sarcastically every time I answered his question I was crying shaking and was I'll for a week having to visit my doctor I was close to a breakdown already on antidpressants for depression this was in humane I took this complaint to every tier ending with the ombusman it took three years to be told atos had acted correct tly evan though the doctor wrote an apologywithout my husband doing all this for me I would have given up which of course is what they want. The effect this has had on me has been devastating I will not confront anyone connected with this shambles I go into complete melt down now we have esa I was called for the dreaded medical which I cannot discribe the feeling opening the envelope did to me my husband said no way are you going to this so after they bombarded me with phone calls we told them no phone calls from either the dwp or atos they have to comply with husband stuck to his guns telling them I cannot attend these assessments and they have more than enough evidence from ten years ago plus all the latest medical evidence from consultants and my doctor I have stuck to not going and they wanted to arrange a home visit which my doctor refused for that to take place as i was in such a state having to go to a physciatrist I have since heard i have been put into the wrag group which I am appealing please do not give up and as for dla each time they refuse keep going back again and again you will receive it although it will probably make you I'll I hope you have a partner who can help you as my husbands brain is certainly better than mine I have dictated this letter to him to type as i cannot use my hands due to arthritis I wish you well and please look after yourselfx


My husband's assessment was a farce & the ensuing medical report was an even bigger one!

They got his age wrong, they had him standing for 6 minutes & sitting for 38 minutes - considering his assessment lasted 45 minutes that left the Health Care "Professional" a grand total of 1 minute to carry out all the couch-based assessments!

It was noted that he wasn't observed removing his jacket as I had gone to assist him (I didn't have to assist him as he wasn't wearing a jacket) but the HCP failed to note that I did have to help him get his toe splints into place and help with his socks & shoes! HCP had him opening doors that were already open & was being held open (by the HCP).

Make as many notes as you can about your assessment while it is all still fresh in your mind and ask your niece to do the same as she may have noticed things you may have missed.

I wrote a 3 page submission for his appeal tribunal and asked them to note into their report a few things about the conduct of the assessment.

Hope all goes well for you - remember, nil illegitimis carborundum!!!


Hi I am so sorry to hear of your experience and I hope you are recovering well. I was summoned for an appointment 2 weeks ago today. It was at 11.20 and I got there at 11.15 filled in the forms and sat and waited. i was very uncomfatable and kept having to stand up and move about as I was in so much pain. At 12.20 the receptionist called me over to say that due to the doctor running so late my appointment was cancelled and would have to be rearranged. I just burst into tears and said I was not prepared to leave without seeing the doctor but the doctor shouted through that she was not seeing anyone else. I was devastated the receptionist was very apologetic and said it happens all the time. I said that I wanted to make a complaint and she said that she wished that I would as this happens all the time and the worse part of her job is having to tell people. i did make the complaint in writing to ATOS but the reply just fobbed me off. The place I had to go was 20 miles from my home and by the time I got home I was so ill. My new appointment is next thursday and I am dreading it. Sending you best wishes xx


o my god horenduse....think i also will end up in the nut must be a very stressfull person like me. my fone only has to ring and i get a instant headache worrying who it is and whats gone also been put in the work related group. they lied on the fone when i rang, talked to me like i was somate the cat draged in, i had to put the fone down and ring again.....waiting half hr every time for them to answer....ive asking them to look at the decision again to go on the social one.......fingers crossed.. all this yesterday has kicked in the m.e. been awake since 2 this morning cant move me neck for the pain.and a migrain.........soooooooooo tired.........i hope you go on ok take care and lots of hugs.....and a big well done to yr hubby hes a gem..xxxx


Thank you ginge my husband is the best he is always with me when I have gone to these assessments i've been to about three first two no problem awarded my benefit but has said this last onefour years ago really pushed me over the edge the fact I could not get my head round was I was awarded my benefit and I kept asking them I have my benefit so there must have been something wrong I could have thought I have my benefit why should I care thing is I do because I do not wish anyone to go though shambles I have learnt never ever give up give as much grief to them as they give to you the benefits and work forum is fab it will guide you though every piece of paper you get you have to pay to view certain items but there is loads of free stuff these people really care if you do not get your benefit do as i have done go to either a welfare officer or your local cab they wrote my appeal for me all I had to do was post it again these people are the salt of the earth best wishes to you and I hope your me gets better as my hub by says even if you worry it dosen't change anything just makes you iller I,m keeping my hubby busy today even though he's on holiday but hey what are they there for I wish my fingers would work as fast as his you need to look after yourself and fight with any ounce of strength you can although probably like me my body just keeps shutting down good luck i'll be thinking of you xx


Hi all, this is all new to me and I had my medical down in March but only got word at beginning of week with results. Notifying me that I am not to receive my ESA anymore and if I want to appeal it to do so within 12 days. That doesnt give me anytime to get help and advice and my health is getting so bad that I am bed bound much of the time now. I have my occ therapist call this morning and she was discusted with what was written. I attended my asscessment with the aid of my daughter and was kept waiting for almost 20 mins after my appointment, then was called in by a young girl, no more than 21 or 22 in high heel stilettos and fishnet tights, a mini and a very soar welcome. Not even a hello from her.

TO make matters worse in the report regarding my medical she has said I could sit comfortable for over 30 mins which is total lies as I was far from comfortable and also she said she got me to bend down and I had shown no signs of discomfort, so annoying as she never got me to bend down at all. I get the impression she is only doing this to get paid and doesnt really give a toss about the ill patients she is seeing. Why is there no qualified doctors or senior nurses working in acessing people on ESA instead of immature girls who dont know the meaning of an illness. Am so sorry for going on but going to the medical left me ill and very sore for over a week and now doctor has also got me on antidepressants now as it is too stressful to even think about going to this tribunal and trying to make more appointments and phonecalls just so as a judge can then decide if we are entiled to it. Why oh why do the health service or that silly government want to make the ill more sick instead of doing all to help us improve. I am so down and in dispare I am feeling like calling it a day, mainly beacause I used to be so fit, in full time work and now with this illness I was getting a stingy £71 Aweek to feed, clothe and keep my children warm and live in poverty and to make matters worse they want to take it off me now and leave us to live in street, begging and cold, all because I have paid that governments wages and their chauffeurs but they dont give a toss that someone who has a servere chronic illness is getting a thousand times more sick thanks to their stupidity


Hi zebbi just reading your post who told you you only had twelve days to appeal to my knowledge the time scale is one month to save yourself from going round in circles do as i did and contact your local cab and ask to see there specialist advisor they will do all form filling for you and from past experiance tell the dwp to contact your doctor who I hope will back you up I was told not to say anything as I am not medically qualified legal terms and so forth have to come from a doctor I hope everything goes well with you do not let them get away with treating you like this appeal appeal appeal get your local mp involved its what they are there for hugs xx


Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your advice. First thing Monday will def be onto cab. I am new to all this. What does dwp stand for? Why is it so hard for us as if we havent enough to stress us with our illnesses without this on top to add to it.

Yes I have been to my Mp local office and hopefully they will do something also. Yes my letter only came in or should I say my folder only came in post on Thurs and informs me I have just 12 days to appeal it so am a bit stressed.

I really appreciate your help and advice on this Joseph and so glad you have told me what to do.

Thank you so much and sending you millions of hugs in return for your help xx


you could ring your local department for works and pensions, the number should be on the paperwork they have sent you and tell them you have only just received the paperwork and ask for an extension. Alternatively return the appeal form provided stating that you are appealing with documentation to follow and request payments are recommenced in the meantime, you will only get the assessment rate until the case is resolved but at least it is something


Thank you Lynnh I will do what you advise. I find this EMA so mind wrecking. Cant understand why they put me on it at first, knowing I have illness and now go and do this. I dont know if I have the strenght to keep fighting anymore, just feel like curling up and bed and staying there.


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