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My life ( the last 6 weeks) pure poetry... As suggested by rainbow

My body went into flare up

Fibro and ibs

Trying the get to the bathroom quickly

Boy, I'm in a mess

Took my self off to the drs

Gave me two lots of meds

If things do not get better

Come back and see me on weds

Things have not got better

I'm bloated and the pain makes me shout

My OH cooks various things

They go in and then straightaway come out

I have cut out so many foods

I,m eating not a lot

So why have I gained so much weight

I,m thinking so much my brain has started to rot

Anyway today it's back to the drs

I,m taking with me a list

If he can't give me any help

I really will be P*******

By a very grumpy VG

I know he's going to say its colonoscopy time

But I couldn't get that in and make it rhyme

Wish me luck

I.m hoping to get there and back without needing the toilet :(

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Hia VG, really sorry to hear you're in the throes of such a horrible flare up (but loving the poem!). I totally understand about the IBS, i've just about got past my most recent longer length flare! It's so horrible having to always think about what you might be able to eat or drink & whether you can actually leave home for a cpl of hours in case you need to urgently get to a loo!! I always have to think about how close toilets are when i go out, coz i've got continual bladder problems as well, had that 3 1/2 yrs now & still the NHS have not found a solution!

Really hope the doc can offer some help for your IBS, coz i know how miserable a long flare can make you feel & so very draining too.

Sending you well wishes, Georgina x


Hi sorry to hear you have it too, but very reassured that you had it for longer... My gp is going down the better safe than sorry routine but I am also on the ibs forum and many on there have flare ups longer than me... Which makes me think it is just blooming ibs... I agree about the getting out I,ve hardly been out in the past 6 weeks .... Getting very bored with the bathroom..

I really hope you get some results for your bladder probs and thanks for posting .. It has made me feel better

VG x


Loved your poetry hun but I am sorry you are going through so much. I myself am lucky to get out once every two weeks I do hope it gets better for you soon xxxxx


Brilliant as always and wishing you all the luck for your appointment.

I had to have a colonoscopy about 3 weeks ago. I have such a brilliant GP (all the practice infact are great). Thankfully there was nothing sinister but I do have IBS so at least I had an answer for what was happening to me (don't need to go into detail cos I know you are already all too familiar lol).

Will be thinking of you and thankyou for your wonderful verses. Always cheer me up.

E x :)


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