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DLA 5 th time

On Wednesday I saw the DLA Dr not sure but I think it went well I have stage 3 copd arthritis in most joints haemophillia I can't walk due to copd plus arthritis if I fall I cud bleed there's not a lot I can do if I want to breath can sum one tell me y sum one who takes drugs and sez they here voices can get the high rate of DLA and me with a terminal illness can't get any this is the 5 time I,v claimed before they have said I can do things at my own pace I have a mobility scooter a walker sticks and many aides in my sheltered housing flat intercom in every room and pendent round my neck I,m on so much meds inhalers nebulizer I have a lot of chest infections then I,m on antis and steroids I,v put so much weight on due to the steroids not through eating I having got the energy to cook I go out on Mondays shopping and pay for it for the next few days I,m in a lot of pain always and am on at risk for my heart my b/p is high I can't do rehap and I,m so depressed I self harm so can any one please tell me y the person on drugs gets DLA to fund his habit and I get jack shit its all wrong

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Sorry for your present troubles, cm49, and it's awful that you don't get the benefits that you are so obviously entitled to. Have you spoken to anyone at Citizen's Advice Bureau who could advise you over making your claims? Most people are successful if they have proper representation.

I must disagree with you over your assumption that drug users get every benefit under the sun - I know that they don't. Obviously they receive job seekers allowance if they have no employment, and those who have severe mental illness would be entitled to DLA, same as any other sick person, but they too are having difficulties claiming their rightful benefits, as are you.

I'm afraid that it's a sad reflection on the times we live in, and the present Govt. stand on benefits that is causing the trouble - not the few fraudsters out there who try to cheat the system.

I do hope that you are successful with any new claim that you make - it's very unfair that you and many others should struggle when they are unfit. Do keep appealing is all that I can say, but ask for help from CAB as well.

Best Wshes

Moffy x


have you asked the consultants from each condition for a letter of support? these will help with your claim.


Hi moffy thanks for answering I no the person I talk about he's my nefew and he's not got a mentel problem just a drug one and the gift of the gab he cud make any one believe him I sposs he's been doing it for a long time now I think if I get turned down again I will appeal but no more after that I,m 64 this yr and u can only claim until 65 I,m just happy I,v got my scooter and I can go to the beach wen its nice I hope or OK and thanks again


Umm if you know someone is making a fraudulent claim ... Why not report them.... By standing back doing nothing you let them get away with it ... It's your dla he is getting

VG x



I agree with VG if you know someone is fraudulent then why not report him, by doing nothing you are enabling him and others to abuse the system. Putting it bluntly it's no good complaining about it on here when you should be doing something about it there. If all the fraudsters were reported and stopped then it would make life a heck of a lot easier for genuine claimants. Family member or not if he's a faker he needs stopping and now.


Yes, I agree - it is the duty of responsible citizens to report fraudsters.

I myself was reported 20 years ago. My neighbour contacted the authorities because she noticed that I lived with my partner, and that I was 'creeping out of the house at night to work on the sly!'

She was absolutely right except that i wasn't claiming anything at all - just my salary as a night sister in the NHS! :O What vigilance though!

Moffy x


Sounds like informing on people for all the wrong reasons.

I find that this sort of character has far more issues than the person they are informing on!!

Very sad but I can attest to experience that it is very true!!

Bibi x


Hi there,I agree that you need proper representation when claiming again for your DLA.I had someone come to my house from the CAB and fill the form out for me.And don't forget to complete the answers as if you were at your worst.To get the high rate you need to have help whether you get it or not for several times throughout the day,help with preparing and cooking a meal,and need help at night time as well.Also,if you need help during the day to keep you safe.For the high rate Mobility DLA,you need to state that you cannot walk any distance without feeling severe discomfort or pain.If you are in pain all the time then this would apply.Hope this helps x


Hi , iv just had my award go to indefinite for high mobility , as my scooter won't fit it my car , and my dla was due to run out in feb , I also have patient line , it took 15 days from sending my form in to ask them to re look at my claim , to getting it changed ,you can win your dla , just get supporting letters , and cab to fill your form in.


C x


Thanks every one for ur answer,s I,v thought very hard about either to report or not to report I,v done wat I think is rite the letters I,v sent in were from my Dr at home and hospital the heart Dr nurses my care worker and so on I put this claim in at the beginning of march so its a while now I no they say they will back date it but the first three times I claimed went. On for months so I,m not holding my breath I will let u now how I get on this time thanks again :-) xx


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