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New here

Hi everyone....

I've been feeling really crappy for over 18 months now, to start of with I was diagnosed with a severe vitamin d deficiency and was told that this was the reason for my tiredness and aches and pains, I thought great an answer soon be back to myself.....nope not the case but I've carried on until about 5 weeks ago when I couldn't stand it any longer anyway back to the Drs and had every blood test going all came back with no action needed. So as you can imagine back to the Drs I go, I saw a different dr at my practice and after speaking to me she said without a doubt she thinks I have fibromyalgia and has put me on amitriptyline......I feel like I'm loosing my marbles as at the moment I'm really struggling with my memory and talking, I can see in my mind what I want to say but I can't always make it come out of my mouth? Anybody else get like this?


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Hi Ally259 and welcome. Yes I completely understand where your coming from an no you're not losing your marbles. I've had fibromyalgia for 25 years and this was the very first year it effected my brain and speech. It's very difficult to explain but as long as you have a good support network at home and all of us here you won't stress out. My brain used to speed along with my body but it all stopped gradually getting stronger. May I suggest mindfulness and crossword puzzles..even the kiddie ones. Don't beat yourself up...just go at your own speed. You will overcome this brain fog. Remember to take care of yourself! Btw I am also on amitriptyline ..sleeping so much better now. Best seeing a rheumatologist for clarification of diagnosis. It took over a year for me. Good luck!


Thank u for reply. My husband and family have been fantastic support and know when I'm having a bad day so hubby steps in and helps as much as he can. X


Hello and welcome to our lovely and supportive forum. We are always around if you need to chat or ask anything.

It is great that you felt you were able to contact us. You will find information on the homepage. Locking your post from social media and the world wide web this and other useful pinned posts are available.

Please do take a look at our mother site fmauk.org there is a great deal of information on the site.

Many of us have this problem with brain fog take a look at the site for symptoms and treatment.

Good luck on your journey

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I agree with greykitty that you need to see a rheumatologist for confirmation of diagnosis. It is my understanding that they are the only ones that can confirm fibro. They also have a greater knowledge of the condition.

I completely understand the problems you are having. I sometimes feel so stupid when I can't get my words out or completely forget what I'm trying to say. Close friends and family know what I'm like and we can laugh about it, but when it happens elsewhere with complete strangers, it can be so embarrassing

Take care



I'm due back at the Drs ina few weeks so will speak more then. Yes it's very embarrassing with strangers lol. Thanks for reply Judy.



Hi Judy

Just for your information a GP can diagnose Fibro and so can a Neurologist.

Generally it is a Rheumatologist who will give a definitive diagnosis.

Hope you're doing ok.

Lu xx


Hello ally259

Welcome to our lovely forum :)

Unfortunately it can take many years to get a definitive diagnosis of Fibromyalgia due to the complexities of the condition.

It is quite normal for a GP to diagnose you, but they usually then refer you to a Rheumatologist for confirmation of the diagnosis.

With regard to your Amitryptyline it is very important (on GP's advice) to take it around 6pm. If you take it any later than this you can find that you get a very "hung over" feeling the next day.

The Brain Fog you are describing is a very common symptom of Fibro. Sometimes I can sit here for absolutely ages just trying to think of one word!

It is also embarrassing when talking to someone and you forget in the middle of your sentence what you were talking about.

Good luck with your GP appointment. Don't forget to let us know how you get on.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend

Lu x



Hi Ally259

I had this, thought I had had a stroke, or, MS! It has taken a long while (7 months) but I am feeling more like me now. Not there yet, always looking over my shoulder in case it strikes with a vengeance again. I'm back at work(part time) , which, I feel is helpful and importantly, trying to pace myself and know my limitations. 7 months ago, I would not have thought I would feel this amount of improvement. Still have symptoms, some times worse than others, but no where near as painful. Whether it's due to meds kicking in, not sure. I take Sertraline 100mg and Gabapentin 600mg.

What I'm trying to say is, there is hope it will improve. It could be the amitriptyline, I couldn't get on with this. Read the leaflet and see what it says. Perhaps you are on too much/ little? Chat with the doctor when you can as medication seems to effect everyone differently.

Hope you have a lovely restful Saturday.



Hi ally259

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling, and I truly hope that your Amitriptyline works well for you.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Sorry to hear your concerns so far. I too take amitriptyline for pain. Hang on in there as they do work as time goes on. Ask your doctor about going to pain management clinic to support your fibromyalgia it does help your mental state to understand what your body is saying to you. Always good to listen to relaxing musical or stories which make you less stressed about your pain levels. Changes in pain levels is learning how to cope with them.

The more you read and share with others you will know your Not on your own. Stay strong and good luck. Things will get better.


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