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6 weeks holiday, last two unable to do much!

I am lucky, I know it, I work in education which means I get the school holidays off - especially as I am not a teacher and don't have to plan for the coming term.

However, this summer has not been all sunny - and I don't mean the weather! For some reason my health has gone downhill with my left foot having spasms and numb areas [blood test results just point to my being run down. Strange, I don't feel any different]. Then last Monday, with no apparent reason, my back decided to play up. I have been in pain ever since. At least I had a TENs machine available along with anti-inflammatory creams and anoxia with anti-reflux capsules to help. My co-dydramol has also helped as has resting and not going out! That last was a bummer as I had a birthday to celebrate. I overdid it and sat still on a hard seat [yes I had my cushion] and know I did the wrong thing. But I am sick and tired of missing such events because of my stupid body - if I can I will. I also thought my back would recover in time to return to work. I was wrong.

Tomorrow I return for an Inset day, the first of two, where I will be sitting upright too long. I will have to remember to get up and walk around from time to time and hope that the office chair is enough to prevent it getting worse. However the biggest hurdle is actually getting to work. I have to take a taxi, which means I will have to manually push myself across the forecourt into work and then down the corridor to my electric chair. Will it have enough power to get me around all day? Well I wait to see. Anyway I then have to get to the room that stores my computer/office chair which I chose for comfort. I hope I get there!

The situation at work is I cannot go off sick, sign myself off sick, but I may be sent home if too sick to work! Yes I have used my Union to support and advise me, yes I have checked all of the legal side of things and yes they can dismiss me if I am off sick within the 365 period from that meeting in July. Please pray for me that tomorrow my back will be strong enough to allow me to go to work, stay in work and be ready for two more days of work before the weekend when I can properly rest!

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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Vent away any time you like. Sometimes it all gets so overwhelming that you just have to get all the feelings out. I was finished 5 years ago from a job I adored because of my health so can understand the deep fear you must have of this happening to you and can truely emphathise with that. I will definately add you to my prayers tonight and hope tomorrow you will have the strength to accomplish everything you need to do and make it through to the weekend. I too am like you and sometimes think that I will jsut go for something even though I know deep down that it will effect me for days or even weeks later as I too hate not being able to do "normal things". I am going up to a couisin's wedding in about 10 days and have had to book accommodation for the day before and the day after because I know the journey and getting ready etc will take alot out of me but it is such a good opportunity to see some of my couisins at a joyful occasion for a change but hopefully the nice memories i have will be worth the pain. Good luck, fingers and everything else crossed for you.x


Hi Sarah-Jane

I am so sorry to read that you are in so much pain, and I genuinely hope that you can somehow manage to struggle through tomorrow without making yourself feel any worse. I will keep my fingers crossed that you make it through the day and that you are no worse at the end of it?

I am delighted to see that you have used your union to help you, and I hope that they can do everything in their power to afford you the support that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Good luck I also work in education and find myself counting the days until the holidays just for a rest! I hope everything goes well xxx


Hi Sarah-Jane,

I was just thinking about you and was going to PM you. I was remembering you had to not get sick for a whole year..impossible for someone with perfect health. I am just so angry about this on your behalf.

I can empathise with you. In the middle of a flare up as the result of trying to support my dad with his house move which has been one long problem after another. That and the increasing depression isn't good. Sorry, I ended up venting to you. I am thinking off you and hoping you manage to get to the weekend as good as possible.

Gentle hugs



That's horrible sweetheart!!! If you can't work you may have to go on disability. I worked as long as I could and then just couldn't do it anymore. I know how frustrating it is honey!!! Prayer's coming your way and you hang in there and take care of yourself. xxx Mitzi


I hope that tonight some magic comes your way and works a caring spell on your back and you wake feeling better enough to cope hugs


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