Wish me luck as I go on my way tra la!

In our newly converted campervan, that my husband has just finished. I,m excited and a bit nervous. I,ve been away lots of times in a very tiny caravan, with three large dogs, I gave up that time and slept on the floor so the dogs and oh could have the bed! However, this is the smallest space we,ve ever been in, so if I come back like a corkscrew I shan't be surprised. We,re going to Norfolk, and I,ve already bagged the bed, with my two dogs, so hubby is in the front seat. I,m not good in the dark so working out how to turn round, navigate two dogs and find the door will be worth videoing! Xxx

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  • Good luck wildwoman, sounds terrific ( or terrifying?). I used to go camping in our little volswagen with a 6ft oh, 1 daughter, 1 schoolpal, and a border collie. Have fond memories of pushing up the m6 when engine caught fire in the middle of the night. !

  • Thanx shazzy, I think, even more nervous now! Watch this space! Xxx

  • What a wonderful adventure I am so jealous we used to own a motorhome before we both became ill. Many memories of my collie cross sitting on my chest at 4.30 in the morning wagging her tail across my face with her head under the curtains watching the bunny rabbits. Make sure you take a large tin opener to extract yourself from tight corners. Enjoyxxx

  • sounds great fun! enjoy it :) x

  • Ooh I'd love a campervan (as long as it had a memory foam mattress) enjoy x

  • Mee too, memory foam all the way YAY :-) :-)

  • How lovely an adventure for you, do keep us up to date if you can.I know how difficult it can be having two small terriers in/on my double bed, the number of times I find I'm clinging onto about six inches of mattress whilst the doglets have managed to spread themselves in a very intriguing fashion, so goodness knows what will happen if your doglets are larger :o

    Good luck and have a fab time if you can :-)

    Foggy x

  • Good luck my friend and I genuinely hope that you have bucket loads of fun! x

  • I can`t wait to go camping with the family. We had to give up our trailer tent/ camper when it got too heavy for us to move. so now we have an easy erect tent. The problem when we tried it out last year was having to get up off the floor but we had a full hight folding bed for xmas and I can`t wait to try it.

    We are considering going back to a camper van, but would still need to erect an awning.

    Oh well we will sort something out

    Have lots of fun and tell us all about it when you get back

    hugs sue xx

  • Good luck have a brilliant holiday" xxgins

  • I love Norfolk such a beautiful place, Have a wonderful time........

    Lol cant wait to here all the news of your adventure

    Hope you have lots of sunshine.

    hugs viv xx

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