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My battery has gone flat !!!! But I think it was worth it :-)

My battery has gone flat !!!!  But I think it was worth it :-)

I knew I'd be paying for the trip to London yesterday in emptying out of the depleted battery of energy. I did have a great day, and keep smiling about the memories I have made with my teen daughter before she sets off on her own direction without me.

I managed to walk the dog this morning and drive my daughter to school before having to limit myself to a sofa morning. My to do list is mostly undone - except I did manage to put my clothes away! Hoorah!!

That little bit of activity emptied the battery and I am hoping another day of rest will put me back on track with at least some recharge!!!

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glad you had a great day




Sometimes the benefits gained from excessive energy expenditure are worth the flat batteries for afterwards - it is a calculation we have to make with eyes wide open isn't it? I'm off to my Bay City Rollers concert Wednesday night ... I know it will leave me knackered into the weekend - but it will be so worth it!

Shang-a-lang hugs

Julie xx


Hi Julie

I loved Bay City Rollers in my day. Eric was my favouite. I hope you have a blazt. Save your energy up for going & then some more time out when you get back.

Luv & Hugs

Jac xx


Glad you managed to have a brilliant day with your daughter :-)


I've done the same thing myself yesterday Suzy! Sometimes we just can't help it, especially if it's something wonderful like precious time with your daughter! :)

We recently moved house and yesterday I unpacked too many boxes, too much lifting and stretching, putting things here, there and everywhere and then hoovering the house. Straight into making a complicated recipe for dinner without a rest in between! As a result today my body is rebelling! There isn't a part of me that isn't reminding me about the joys of Fibro and CFS/ME!

Today is a lazy day! I need to do a bit of washing and ironing but can use my wonderful press, so no standing around for me. I will sit down at my dining table pressing away whilst watching an old film! Will set myself a maximum of ironing 6 things and then have a cuppa and chill out in our lovely forum. Might even have a nap! I want to cook hubby a nice dinner when he comes home and don't want to feel like this later on today.

I think I did a bit of booming and busting, so it's a slow down for Libs today! Hope everyone manages to have a good day today with rest periods in between if they can manage it!

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D


Hi Suzy Sparkle

We are all guilty of doing these we things & I feel we owe it to ourseleves to habe some form of enjoyment.

I usually try to rest plenty before hand & then some afterwards..

Luv & Hugs



Hi Suzy

We will never change as we seem to carry on regardless. I can flatten my battery just my putting a washload on, but then I look back and think it is one less job I have to do. But I am glad you had a great day xxxxx


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