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My gut reaction regarding my appeal was spot it worth pursuing it any further!!!

Oh well went for my first tier-appeal on Wednesday and knew as soon as I entered the room that they had already made their decision especially when the Dr said 'even though you say you don't go far from the house you've managed to get here'. well yes because I thought I had to attend and my mum drove me!! Plus questioning why I wasn't on certain medication (even though i'm on loads) and why I didn't have any disablity aids in the house, well if i've never been told how you go about getting them and my dr hasn't suggested it how would I know!! Suppose my main dilema is do I contact someone to represent me now (was going to originally but after having an operation it slipped my mind and I left it too late) or do I just give up now. It's a year since I applied for DLA and really don't think I could face another hearing. The letter arrived and just said the appeal was refused and that I wasn't entitled to either component because I do not satisfy the satutory criteria of either component at any rate....and all its made me feel is even more worthless as if all my health issues are nothing. Wouldn't write this on my facebook page as it's something the majority of people wouldn't understand...thanks for listening to my rant....Rachel xx

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Hi Rachel

So sorry to what happened. I don't know what to suggest. if you can't face going on with it, perhaps leave it for a few months and apply again, I'm sure someone else will come on and give you better advice. I haven't applied for DLA as I can't face it at the moment, waiting on my ESA form decision, have had 2 tribunals in the past for ESA which I won, I will see what happens with the currant one and then I might apply.

These people have no idea what we go through.

hugs xx


Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear about your appeal:-( It must have felt like a trial with the cross-examination from the doctor. I would say the same as Mazz64, leave it a few months and re-apply. It will help if you have the support of your G.P., he/she will write a report as they have more idea about how your condition affects you day to day. Go to your local Citizens and Advice, they will help you. In September 2012 I was awarded both components for 3 years without further assessment. I did get turned down the first time though. I just re-applied and wrote about how my condition affects me as if it was my worst day. In truth I don't get 'good days' any more. I'm still struggling to work full time but I may have to stop eventually. My mobility is extremely poor and I put this across in my DLA application. If I had to apply for PIP now I may not have got it straight away. I got in with DLA just in time before the cutbacks. Good luck with re-applying and remember to seek professional advice from CAB. Gentle hugs x



If you need aids ask you GP to refer you to Occupational Health Team they have just sorted me out, they were very helpful xx


I was turned down twice and appealed, but failed. However, third time lucky and I was awarded high mobility and middle care, for an indefinite period. I did have the help of my welfare rights officer, who works for my local council. She was invaluable!! Good luck, whatever you decide XX


Thank you everyone, i'm contacting someone on Monday who I believe may be able to help me with this application however if not I will apply again but hopefully with their help xx


Have a look on the 'Benefits & Work' website. There is an in-depth guide on what to put on the application form & how they decide who gets what. It's all done on a points system so it really helps to know how they are allocated. Keep a copy of your application as both ESA & DLA/PIP have very similar forms & point system. Adult Social Services will come out & advise you on any aids that may help you & services in your area. Hope things work out for you. Try not to give up, it's what they want you to do!


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