Week 2 of Hydrotherapy - good but tiring :-)

Week 2 of Hydrotherapy - good but tiring :-)

I've just started on the NHS hydrotherapy treatment. It is really good when I'm in the water, and the exercise seems so minimal and simple, but I really notice how much energy it saps - this week was better than my first week when it completely wiped me out. So this week, I took the decision to take the day off work so that I could rest afterwards.

I keep learning something new and getting a better grip of fms but wonder if there will ever be an end to it and I'll really know when I am heading for exhaustion!

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  • What sort of exercises do you do?

    Julie xx

  • The pool is about 10ft wide, I do 4 widths of each, I walk using my arms, then knee up walking, then side walking followed by a rest. 5 step ups on each leg - the step is about 5 cm. Then I do 5 squats - rest - then with a lightly inflated childs ring around my foot I bend my knee and push down - 5 x on each leg. rest - 5 hamstring stretches using the inflatable just lifting and lowering a straight leg. Warm down is 'cycling' for a few minutes whilst sitting. I don't think is seems much and it doesn't feel difficult in the water, but when I got out I felt very heavy, and then pretty tired, so it clearly does exercise me!

  • I've been going for about 9 yrs now and wouldn't be without it. after the main Physio's sessions they have a self help group that we pay to go to and if I miss a week I surely know it. not many hospital run the hydro pools, but they should as its such a great help.

    the exercises you've been doing all sound very similar to what I've been doing but but i have to be careful with some as i have other problems too. but when younarentbable to do other exercises its the best for you, also it doesn't matter if youbcantbswim as the water only goes to my shoulders in the deep end.

    good luck and keep at it.

    when you get home make sure you rest afterwards and the next day you should feel the benefit, also makemsurenyiundrink loads of water xxx

  • Hi been waiting 18 months for hydro that had been prescribed by neurology. I start my 3 NHS sessions soon and am looking forward to it. I know that for me the only time I am pain free is when im in very warm water especially if it moves. I know the hydro pool will be still but at least thats 50 % !!!

    Hope you get on well with the rest of your course.

    Warm thoughts NN :)

  • I'm trying to get referred for this as well but it will probably take a while. After thenhs sessions, how do you find a hydro therapy pool near you? There's a swimming pool nearby that is heated but I'm not sure how hot it needs to be

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