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Since my diagnoses of fibro just over a year ago now I've noticed just before my period starts usually about a week before my fibromyalgia flares up ... The last few months it's been really bad.. This month it was at it's worse... The pain I experienced was so intense I thought there was something really serious wrong.. I even though that I might have been pregnant because I felt so ill tired and sick... My breasts became very tender and painful.. I was very close to buying a test.. Then as soon as my period came my fibro symptoms was much better.. I actually had more energy and my period was a relief... I'm now dredging my next month because it all starts just before the middle of the month then get better for a week then it starts to get really bad just before... Does anyone else experience this ... I've looked at various web sites but not much info on what you can do to help eliviate the problem ?

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Yes mine is generally worse with all the symptoms you described. I downloaded a period tracker app so I know when to expect it... Mine goes off at about day 3 but I don't seem to get great relief until its done and dusted. Before Xmas I was getting dizziness and nausea with it so I know what you mean when you say you dread it!


I too have the same problems just before my period is due.I feel so anxious with it too i get very hot and agitated with it also,my fibro flares right up i hurt all over and the pains in my stomach are so bad i find it even more painful to stand up straight.I get really dizzy too and i have trouble focusing which scares me so this then makes me even more anxious,i dread my period also,roll on the menopause.I totally feel for both of you and hope that we can all find some kind of help so we can get on with them a bit better.

soft gentle hugs


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Yes I have the same thing except mine lasts about a week before then through my period and then for about 3-4 days after. My husband actually noticed the connection. I also tend to get physically ill around period time. I too dread period time!!!


this has been happening to me for quite some time now, unfortunatly the pain starts at least a week before and can keep on going till some time after. ive been able to get a short course of diazapam for each of these flare ups during my period, it really does help.


I have the same problem, glad to know that I am not the only one. My body hurts all over..especially my back and joints.  Anxiety is the worst. Restless leg syndrome starts up too.


I'm the same to glad to no I'm not the only one x


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