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Hydrotherapy. week 3

Wonderful. The water was warm, and this time the cubicles were clean as was the water. I would recommend hydrotherapy for anyone with fm/cfs/me/ms I had a lovely time exercising in the water. I have hydrophobia!!!! but I went in the deep end and held onto the bar and "cycled"... I also bobbed about a bit! YAY ME!!

ps, I am exhausted though I worked my upper body today including shoulders and arms,...I sat here staring at the screen because I couldnt remember how to post a blog... it took me at least 2 minutes.. I know it doesnt sound much, but multiply that throughout a bad day and you have quite some time where I am unproductive. I wouldnt last five minutes in a job

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glad all was fine for you and well done for going in the deep end xx


i had six weeks hydrotherapy at the hospital it was fab.iam now goin to my local swimming pool every tues n thurs for gentle exercise to music in lovely warm water it sooo nice .


Mmm I think I might try that too... once I'm in the water nobody can tell what shape I am

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i know how you feel,I go on this site and idon't have the energy to reply to anyone unless I am on worries,we all understand.


I loved going in the hydroptherapy pool at North Devon Hospital but my fatigue was so bad that I couldn't do the exercises. The physio realised that I couldn't cope with the exercises and she gave me a small stool to sit on in the water so I still got the benefit of the warm water which i loved.


That's fab that you all find Hydro so great. I wish i did. Everytime i did it it made my symptoms so much worse, more so than when I walked, did yoga or went to the gym. I don't believe it was due to the fact I was working my muscles and the consequence was pain as I have always kept myself active. It was going from warm water to the cold outside.

My joints and legs hurt more than anything!!

I have tried jaquezi's ( ?? spelling) and then gone into saunas and steam rooms and have had an instant flare up for days.

When all my friends say about spa days I have to decline.!!!!! Damn!!!


I was told that it was not available on NHS! it has taken me 3 years to get these precious appointments... if he tells you its not available argue there are 2 hospitals in my area that have the therapy pools.. so have a look at your local hospital and make enquiries


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