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Good middle of the night to anyone who is about!

4.45am cant sleep, but thats not new. My cold is getting worse, my middle son has took the hump and hasn't called in with the grand children, thats his was of putting me in my place for speaking out when it was absolutely definitely necessary, but hey thats a whole different chapter.

I must say my sinusus feel better when I'm sitting up or it could be the pain killers kicking in.

Happy sleeping everyone

gonna have a bit of surfing!!!!!!


Susan xxxxx

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Morning Susan,

I have been on here since 5.ooam but I was just surfin about then I poped in here to find you are awake to .

These early morns always seem so dark and long at this time of year -------------

Have a good day xgins


Hi sue,know what you mean,my leg woke me up last night found it hard to get comfy,i wouldn't mind but i'm on enough strength of tablets to knock a horse out.Are we climbing a scale of tablets to suit our pains,think we may end up zombies,a little worried moderate pain and numbness at the mo,loads of pain free days to you and all, love jacksiex.


Hi Sue, Know how you feel. I have been struggling with this virus for several days. Have had a raging temperature and my sinusses hurt so much, wanted to pull all my teeth out last night as the pain in my face kept me awake most of the night. Hope you feel better soon x


I was up and about but no pc upstairs. I was wondering who else may be awake xxxxx


hello susan, i havent been on here for a while as the dam fybro fog has been so thick again! sorry to rant on your blog thingy or what ever its called lol! i havent quite got there yet as im an internet idiot :) you sound like your family dont understand?? my make out they do. but as soon as im not able to go running to there demands, i get made to feel errm! dont know what word i could use to describe without getting kicked off here lol! anyway sorry to ramble, im good at that :) hope you feel more human soon, try and pace ypurself and look after you! gentle hugs :) xx


Hi Helle, nice to meet you, I never feel human just aswell Ive got a good sense of humour. Feeling bit better sinuses still giving a bit of jip.

Middle son has fallen out with me as my engine is stalling a bit and I cant keep up with demands, so sadly when I stick up for myself I get the roll of the eyes n the air through the teeth, but this time he's kept my grandchildren away the last few days, which Im very sad about.

HUGS xxxxx


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