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not been a good week,

hi, i am a worrier, i have been worrin about the world endin tonight, my daughter away for weekend, i didnt telll her but i didnt really want her to go, i have been feelin extra rough this week, my body seems to ache even more than it usually does, my i,b,s, has been playin up too. i got letter from hospital tellin me they not gonna do my knee opp as i overwight and my b,m,i is betwwen 30 and 40, how can i exercise with fibro, and osteoarthrits in my knee, i have cut down on my portion size, sorry to moan, i just really feelin like i have had enough of all the pain e,t,c. xx i hope u all have a good xmas. xx

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sorry to hear your having a rough time this week i was thinking probably something to do with damp weather there are many of us flaring right now try to rest as much as you can bum deal with the hospital . remember your not alone and although that doesnt take the pain away we really dont mind any one having a bit of a moan thats what we are here for hope you start to feel a bit better soon

virtual healing hugs for you

sleepy xxxx


hi sleepy2, may thanks for your lovely message, yes its lovely to b able to chat to others that have the same problems. , xx


sorry you're having a rough time. have they offered any weight-loss help? some areas offer free trial weeks at weight-watchers. I hope that you start feeling better soon, if you're stressed pains tend to worsen. Well done for not stopping your daughter going away, particularly when you were worried about the world's end, you are safe now, it has been a real worry to some people and added to many's worry. I would never dismiss anyone's fears and anxiety as there are many triggers.

we've had silly light hearted fun about it but I recognise your feelings are from a different place.




hi sandra99b, thank u for our lovely message, yes we made it through the world endin,lol, no one has offered me any help on loosin weight, i do feel like i am feelin sorry for myself, as i am sure some people suffer more pain than me, xx


everyone's pain is different and we'll never know how anybody else feels.

You are allowed to feel however you want.

I used to work with someone who turned every little problem into a drama - one of her friend's children bit her finger, the pain lasted all through the next day in work and stopped her doing many things - except getting her coat on for going home at 5!

I wonder how she'd manage with fibro? I wouldn't wish it on her though.

look after yourself,



hi sandra, yes we all do cope with pain in different ways, yes i wouldnt wish fibro on no one, merry xmas xx


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