I,m sort of ok ... But a warning

Firstly Gins Charlii and Pink blossom thanks for thinking about me....sorry my banter is dented damaged and gone for the moment will not be posting until I feel better....the reason for the warning I started on Amitriptyline two weeks ago,after 5 days of feeling great I suddenly started feeling little weird things happening to my body, which I put down to adjusting to the Amitriptyline ..... Big mistake..... Crawled via taxi to my dr this morning, pain in my very lower back unbearable, I feel like I am trying to give birth to a small elephant through my back, turns out all those little weird feelings were the start of a bladder infection which because I didn't realise has gotten a lot worse by me leaving it so long ,any one else starting on new meds please don,t do what I did and ignore any little strange symptoms.....so I am on antibiotics pain killers and a hot pack as yet it's too early for any change but in the immortal words of the terminator .... I will be back, and twice as naugthy,,, have a lot of gins baiting to make up for, hope everyone is coping ok and health and happiness to you all

VG x

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  • Sorry to hear you are poorly. Hope you soon start to feel better, and we look forward to your return!



  • Oh poor you vg! That sounds awful, i would imagine its not just the pain but it must make you feel so ill all over now its got a hold of you. Well you are in my thoughts and i hope you feel better soon and cone back to us......my mornings are a little darker now ive no banter to look forward to...hehe....ive got an idea.....have a notepad and pen next to you chair or bed and every little witty comment about gins that comes into your head, just jot it down and when you are feeling up to it gins wont know which way to turn! (not that im encouraging you or anything!) Im not taking sides in this...i wouldnt dare!

    I really, really wish you a speedy recovery VG and hear from you soon.

    Lots of love....Charlii xx

  • Hi VG

    Thanks for getting back to us,we all notice and worry when we haven't heard from people,I'm really sorry to here you are giving birth to an elephant,I do hope you get back to your usual self soon,we miss you! Take care Hun and keep warm,lots of soft gentle hugs...PB xx

  • hello VG hope you feeling better soon keep warm and take care love beth x

  • Hope you feel better soon VG xx

  • Bless you VG, take care and get well soon! We miss you already!

    (((hug))) xxxx


  • Hope you feel better soon VG

    Gentle hugs

    Rainbow x

  • Get well soon VG - we miss you!

    Cuddly hugs ...Moffyx

  • Poor you VG we do indeed miss your banter get better quikly xgins

  • Hi VG I wondered where you were- sorry to hear you have been unwell and wishing you a speedy recovery- glad you have antibiotics - if it doesn't get better after the first 2 days please go back to the GP I really hope they kick it into touch.

    You can enjoy some Christmas movies and don't have to venture out in the cold at least :)

    Beat wishes, look after yourself and drink plenty to flush your system through!

    K xxxx

  • Oh damn I meant best not beat! X

  • Just rest and get better VG. Lots of TLC needed from your OH

  • Hope you are better soon

  • Wishing you all the best and will look forward to your return VG!! Xxx

  • Hi VG I am truely sorry you are feeling so poorly. I really do sympathise with you as I also suffer very badly with lower back pain.

    I wish you well & that you take time out to look after yourself.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you to every one who posted, the antibiotics are kicking in the backache I think is more fibro linked as its settled right on one of the pressure points above my left buttock. But am feeling better already so theres some good stuff in the antibiotics

    VG x

  • I hope you get better soon honey xxxxxx

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