Weekend at a spa hotel - great idea - but now I'm paying for it

I had planned this weekend months ago for my friends birthday. I have been looking forward to it - a reward and treat for us both. The hot tub was great - and I even managed a couple of lengths in the pool (as it was not too long) It was near the lovely town of Rye - which is such a lovely little town we did a 'Tea House Crawl' - I knew the pub crawl idea was beyond me! We looked in lots of lovely little shops. I then got back for a gentle lymphatic massage. However, I wasn't up for much after that and am paying for it with a nearly empty 'battery' - everyone is asking me whether I am all rejuvenated from the spa but in reality I'm more tired than I was before I went away!

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  • Hiya sorry your weekend treat has left you in pain. I had a spa day with a friend from work recently with pretty much the same results. Fibro mites have to take it easy in hot tubs cos the bubbles can really batter your poor aching muscles. I tend to sit on the most shallow seat so that I'm not totally immersed in the water. Take it easy hope you recover soon x

  • Thanks Storm, I hadn't realised that the hot tub would make me feel more tired - that does make sense. We are always on the path of knowledge with fms!

    S x

  • Glad you had a lovely time. I like the idea of the tea house crawl! Jane x

  • I'd love a spa day ... followed by 3 days at home in bed of course, it's a price worth paying. I really want to go into the sensation deprivation tank (or whatever they call it) again, that was so amazingly relaxing that I felt like I was floating on air when I came out :-)

    Julie xx

  • I've often thought about doing that too - perhaps that will be the next thing I book. Once I've recovered from this one!

  • I went in the Dead Sea a few years ago, and that's the same sensation, as you're floating with your ears under the water - if you close your eyes, it's like the world has stopped! :) Lovely! xx

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