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Ok, so having had the shooting pains through my eyes, ears and head night before last - and thankyou everyone who helped me on that blog - I took an extra dose of gabapentin last night.

So good news, I slept the night through. Bad news I am a zombie and the pain is back, so I have taken an extra 100mg to see if it helps. However, I think I am going to become a double zombie because it really is knocking me out.

I really feel I should be sucking peoples brains out through a straw and I am avoiding all mirrors as I look like the living dead.

I know 1500mg gabapentin isnt even the halfway dose, and I can increase a way yet, but I'm not liking this disconnection with reality. I am either asleep or feel like I am watching real life on the telly, not really involved in what is going on. Scary feeling.

I am going to try some meditation and a nice warm towel round my face to see if it relaxes the muscles (one of the suggestions last night).

Blessings to you all for your help and comments and most of all the support and love. God I couldnt do without you guys, so massive (but gentle) hugs to you all.

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oh bless you you really are suffering at the min arent you but we have all jus got to work through our pain as best we can with meds and heat or whatever suits us all

i am racked with pain today have been for a few weeks with no real rest bite but i am jus trying to convince myself that it will get better as long as it dont get worse that s all i worry about as i have def gotton worse since last july and i jus dont want it to progress as quickly as that every year !!! but it really is no good thinking like that we have all got to get our posotive heads on today if we can you take care now and i hope that your head will feel better soon love to you diddle xcan


Sorry you are in pain as well - we are a right pair aren't we lol. The speed this thing progresses is scary. I also have diverticular disease which is progressing faster and faster, each flare takes more and more morphine to get the pain under control, to the point it puts my blood pressure through the floor they have to give me so much. I try and balance it out by learning new things. I know I can't control my body, but I am trying to balance it out. Its hard to learn when I can't even read a paragraph sometimes, but hey, its about trying, right?


Hi please be very careful, has your Dr agreed to you having an increase in your Gabapentin????

Previously I worked a sa locum Pharmacy Technician so that is why I tuned into you. How long have you been on Gabapentin for and what is your normal dose??

Soft hugs, Sue


P.S. I don't mean to sound bossy I was just concerned x xxxx


Aww bless you Sue, no you don't sound bossy at all. I have an ME/CFS specialist who diagnosed my fibro. He put me on gabapentin and I can go to 1800mg before contacting him again. I am 1500mg now and having to take a few 100mg tablets here and there to keep things under control. I think I need to go to 1800mg now, so I will ring him and let him know. Bless him. he wrote out a treatment plan and gave it to my gp, so its all in writing.

I started on it september last year I think, but have had to increase the dose virtually every month. It works for a few weeks, then I have to step up the dose. Hopefully I will find my level soon where it works for me.

Love and soft hugs to you xx


Ive increased my intake of gaba slowly to 3600, it doesnt do a thing for me at all ,hope you can get some relief


aww bless you. I find the increased dose works for a couple of weeks then I have to increase it again. I have a feeling I will be at 3600mg and it not working in the foreseeable future. Fortunately there is a plan B according to my specialist, so guess I just got to stick with this for now. I hope yuo find something that works


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