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I'm so sorry I missed it, but I went wedding dress shopping!!

Hello my chums,

Sounds like you all had a hilarious time in London! I'm so sorry I missed it :(

You really are the most fun, imaginative bunch of people! I got swept up in the excitement just reading the posts...and the constant knicker referencing was brilliant!!

Poor Yikes, hope we potty Brits didn't worry you too much!

So as per the title of the post, I was whisked away to look at wedding dresses with my Mum...I hadn't yet tried any on until today. I was convinced I wanted a certain style but found 'the one' which is quite different to what I had in mind. Not bad for the first shop!

I had such a lovely time and the ladies in the shop were really nice. I'm all excited now! Eeeeeeeeeeee!

I hope you are all doing well tonight.

Zosie xoxoxo

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Good evening zosie,we didn't get to the London eye and river cruise as it was suspended due to not many peeps around,me included :( hopefully we can pick it up another time.I have been busy cleaning up cat poo all around my house,yuk :O I got very stressed and shouted at my kids as I feel so tired and pain in back is aweful :( Have only just sat down and haven't rested today on my bed so hope I won't be suffering tomorrow! I didn't know that you were getting married! Many many congratulations zosie! When is the big day? :)


Hey Haribo - I spent last night cleaning stuff Sue peed on! It's so annoying but we can't stay cross at them for too long!!

It was a big day for everyone and there was lots of naughtiness and chocolate eating so no wonder you are all tired! ;)

Can you take it easy tomo and recoup some of your spoons? Sending you some of mine and big hugs :) xoxo

I'm getting married next September hopefully!

Please take good care of yourself tomo and hope you can sleep well tonight,



Thank you zosie so much.I said I would visit my mum tomorrow and I've got to take my son into town in the morning to get him some wheel bolts for his scooter so can't rest tomorrow now :( But will go to bed soon,just catching up on reading posts.Thanks for the spoons,Iam sure that I will need them :)


Ooooow. Zosie, how exciting for you, and how lovely that you found "the one" first time out :-) I think you really know when you've it right........ you will be a very beautiful bride, I have no doubt :-) :-) Are you able to share vaguely what it looks like with us, seeing as there's no way we could ever tell your hubby to be ? No prob if you'd rather not though, perfectly understand :-) like dear haribo, I'm wondering when the big day is ?

Foggy x


Hi zosie I think looking for a wedding dress is more important than playing with us anyway :D

It was wonderful; to have you on board during the bus journey you made a delightful drinks hostess :D and Haribo carried out the job superbly for you ;)

As you can see I've put up a post to say that we'll have the London Eye and river dinner cruise next time. I think it was ambitious to try and do it all in one day :o I for one was exhausted before it even began :o

So no worries there.............. are you going to tell us when the big day is? heheheh!? you know we won't stop asking, don't you :)

warming snuggly healing fluffies on route to you

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Zosie how wonderful and you found your dress what a relief have you got the brides maids to do?

I am doing the flowers for a wedding in August . Lots of planning :) I must admitt I would spend lots of time planning the flowers.

What is your colour scheme the one I am doing is amythest AND cream



Morning all :) glad Haribo picked up the mantle for me! I tell you what, I will pm you a picture of me in it! We're getting married in Sept next year in Cyprus but we are flying out there next Friday to check it out briefly before we agree to pay anything! No bridesmaids and no real colour scheme...this is to be a low key do!

Zeb, Re london trip, think you are right, it's a lot to do in one day. I'm really impressed how much effort you all put into making the day perfect for everyone. It's really kind of you :)

Thank you from me for making it so much fun! Xoxo


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