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Worn out and in pain but blinking worth it!!

I actually succeeded in going out with my hubby for the first time in MONTHS! on our own .. no carer. I used my membership with the Shopmobility to use a scooter to enjoy a 'stroll' around town, bought a couple of new tops and we sat and had lunch in a lovely cafe together relaxed and we even had beautiful sunny weather today!

We really needed a bit of time spent together as husband and wife not as wife and carer/husband.

I fell into bed as soon as we got home totally worn out, hurting all over but felt like spring was in the air just for me and whats more hubby enjoyed himself too!

Definately worth it : D Hugs xx

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Great, sounds like you had a fab time Poppy, lets hope you can enjoy many more of these outings with the aid of a scooter. It makes you appreciate life a little more just doing normal things like buying your own tops and having lunch out.

Hope the lie down has revived you and you are feeling well. take care, Angela xx


Thx Angela, yes managed to sleep . hubby said I was snoring for a bit lol!

I am feeling better , poppy xx


Poppy that' s great. Sounds like a perfect afternoon. Send a bit of sunshine here its dull and overcast :( Lou x


With pleasure Lou, I'm hopeing this bad weather at the moment means we will actually have a decent summer this year : D xx


So great to hear you had a good afternoon,we had sunshine as well.I got my mum out in the garden with a glass of red wine, we had a lovely time x


That sounds good too Avarose : D xx


Good for you, it is nice when you manage a normal everyday thing, have a good rest and think about the next timeout you can have together



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