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Thinking of a word!

Does it drive you crazy when you cant think of the word you need to write or say?

I can think of everything about it but not the word grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I need the word, if you break your arm you go to a ??????? to give you things to do to release the muscles............and why cant i spell excercise??????????? I can spell anything..........omg! am off to bank my head against a brick wall................arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Welcome to the wonderful world of fibro frog



oh this happens to me all the time so annoying and not to mention embarrassing it drives me mad too xx


I constantly say the wrong words but the really infuriating thing is that it all makes perfect sense to me lol! ;) It's only when someone laughs that I realise it's happened again! :P


Yep, I get mid sentence, then forget what I'm saying or can't think of a word, or even words to describe the first word ! Aggghhh!!!

Flippin fibro fog! xx


This seems to be happeni g to me all the time. I used to pride myself on my spelling & writing but now both are terrible!! I feel I am morphing into my Gran who had Alzhiemets God forgive me but I do!




I get it too. It's a word-shaped hole in your mind, you know it but it won't come to your tongue!


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