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Just a word of caution

My Fibro friends a word of caution - do take care do not be drawn into things that you are perfectly able to do yourselves. Remember we are here to help you at all times , we offer guidance , sympathy, honesty, with love and affection we do not do charges we are just fellow sufferers who can help for nothing.

We give our time to ease your pain and hopefully stop you falling into traps that can cost you such a lot of your money.

I am rambling just remember a contract a bit like a high credit card charges ,when you pay 30% means £30.00 of your money for every hundred pounds you will receive. Think is this good I think not. You would say no to a credit card with terms like this wouldn't you

I would personally take time and always check the pros and cons

before I say yes to anything. yours thoughtfully xgins

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Wise words dear gins, and thank you, so many people offering stupid offers everywhere at the moment, how they are allowed to advertise on television in the way they do is quite beyond me, and no loan, especially of this sort do not come with some very long strings attached. In these difficult times it is sometimes very enticing to think of "easy money" with "easy repayments", but many many people have found out, much to their detriment that it is not "easy" at all !!!

Thank you again for pointing this up :-)

Foggy x


Wise words gins and a timely reminder.




I think Gins post is referring to the 30% charged by My Benefit Claim. On a personal note, I am more than happy to pay this fee to be rid of the stresses involved and the overall apprehension when dealing with DLA claims, especially if he gets the desired results. I am a very capable person, but feel the whole system is designed to make you give up and it does become too much. I feel as long as people are made fully aware of the cost's involved, which I was from their website, and Liam from My Benefit Claim explained clearly by telephone, then there should not be an issue. After all, we pay for specialist legal advice and assistance, this is no different.


Hello Shazzap12,

I completely agree about being informed and this is why we will now be using a standard message about my benefit claim & companies like this. We are a community forum providing information to the best of our ability and then it is your choice which avenue decide is best for you.

Please see standard message below. I am happy you understood the implications and managed to be awarded your benefits, it is really great news. I feel as long s people know and we have been informing them , it is up to them to make the best decision for them

All the best



i got a blog deleted becuace i told the group this guy had got me back into the support group , thank you liam for doing this for me and yes i am so happy to pay you 30% of my weeks of back pay .


Hello Rosehip,

I have Private Messaged you, please can we discuss this further

Many Thanks



Hello All

We understand the difficulties you all are having with the current benefit system especially since the recent changes from DLA to PIP & IB to ESA.

FibroAction can provide you with the Benefits & Work Guides and these may be of help for you in the process of applying for these benefits. Please email for the guides. We hope these will help with the claim and the stress you are experiencing at this time.

Here is the Benefits & Work website

Any recommendations from members about independently run companies via external websites that can help you with Benefit Claims may have Terms & Conditions involved to further assist you with your claim.

Please can you consider all options available to you to assist you to make an informed choice taking into account all the pros & cons. For your information, No Win, No Fee means if you win the case a fee will be charged, please check with these companies what this will be so you are aware before committing yourself to use the service.

As per our guidelines below,


FibroAction cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites

We would like to suggest you consider researching all options before making any final decisions

All the best with your Benefit Claim



I wasnt aware but our council had a specific person to help with all of this.

I have been waiting since January and have wrote to local MP .

However the council had a Customer Income Maximisation Officer who came out and helped complete the form for nothing and she was lovely and so understanding.


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