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a word of warning !

hi fellow fibro-family, I just wanted to warn you all of a "scam" e-mail going around

it comes in your in box and it looks exactly like it is from B.T, It says you have placed a order and they want you to set up a direct debit, I thought it was fishy because we are with sky, so my partner rang B.T and went through it with them and they said a big fat NO ,delete it as it is a scam, so just incase anyone on here has actually placed a order with B.T ,to set up broadband etc.. and you get a e-mail from B.T before putting any details( especially bank details!!) on the form ring B.T and make sure it is a genuine e-mail from them ,they will be able to tell you!

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Good catch, there is a lot of scam emails around at the moment. In work I am inundated with people telling me I have an outstanding invoice click here for details....never open them and always report them :)


Thank you for the warning, will be on the look out, Julie xx


Thanks for the wARNING we must be vigilant

cheers for the warning



Yes, thanks for warning us! :)


As you even opened that e mail I would scan my computer for malware there is often what is known as a Trojan attached to these emails and by just opening the e mail you invite it in!

This is very different form a virus and antivirus programs and firewalls will not take care of it, as you invite it in!

I would at least scan my computer with speciality software there is a good free online scanner

This can take a long time so I would run it when you are going to bed.

They offer this service free to attract people to their web page in the hope of selling their software protection,,, I had it recommended to me by a friend who is a software engineer.

You do need to know if you have a 32bit or 64bit operating system so you know which scan to select?

Oh bother! Yes it is,,, and the moral of the story if you do not recognise the sender do not open the e-mail This will not full protect you as people you know can send trojans attached to e mails unknowingly it could be attached to something as simple as a photograph or a link,,, it is a cruel world!

Best Wishes, Ray


Cheers for the heads up EJ :)

Fluffies and smiles for you :)

xxx sian :)


I got a phone call yesterday (unavailable -which I would normally ignore)saying I had had an accident in my car and about the claim from a company -I think she said CSS.strange as I cannot drive and have never done so.she said then "oh I must have the wrong information".


I've come across CSS. British gas use them -allegedly. reject them instantly. I've no proof they're wrong but my case was for gas I could not have used (not having gas supply!)

Any genuine company will get in touch through "proper channels" but TBH I would not know a fake letterhead from the real one - so I treat everything with suspicion until I know differently.


Many thanks for that info. electricjaws


Thank you so much for letting us know this.

Take care



With emails mark up spam/junk sends them to other junk page you can look at them there without opening to check sender etc then decide open/block/junk/spam/phishing etc etc you can forward to some places as spam by using spam@ who ever company name there trying to mimic.

Junk calls you can have fun like pass the phone round family or change voice with things like hold on have to find them leave them hanging or just string them along.

If you get any calls/texts etc that ring and say press 5 for info pack or 9 if you don't want to be contacted again Just hang up don't press anything or you will be getting charged £££ or they take your device over if smart phone.

As they used to say in Hill Street Blues.....Be Careful out there


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