getting over to others what i want to say !!

i have meetings or just get together with friends and during the chat i just cant seem to find a way to say what it is i mean (i know the word or words i need to use but its as if my brain and mouth are not connected) this can be very ambarassing.anyone else have this problem it often happens in times of extreem tiredness which dosnt help.

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  • Hi kaymayes, I think a lot of us have this fibro fog, it's been mentioned a lot on here.

    As you say, it can be very embarrassing :(

  • Before I took ill-health retirement, I used to go through this with my Law students. They got very used to alternative methods of recalling facts - charades; find the missing word; be the barrister and ask the right questions. There's more than one way to skin a four-legged creature that sometimes sits on your lap!!!

  • its very embarressing I struggle to find the words , even writin g this Im struggling to find the correct words

  • I think we all know how that feels i tell my friends that my fileing cabinet drawer in my brain is stuck they know what i mean.

  • even writing sometimes I read back and its jumbled. the more you panic or get upset the worse it gets. just give yourself time and be patient

  • Hi,

    It happens all the time to me, even phoning a takeaway i need to write down what i want to say, i have real trouble.

    kel xxx

  • I'll be honest and say I worry myself stupid that i'm suffering from alzheimers sometimes - forget what i was going to say seconds before, or doing, or going... It can take me a good while to track through the house to reform the though pattern sometimes to get to *where* I was.

    I have a notepad I take round with me everywhere. Comes to bed with me as well. If I could just remember to use it....


    Spirit x x x

  • Totally normal with Fibro. If you're with friends or family, it can be helpful to explain that concentration, memory and speech problems are a part of Fibro and that you're struggling because you're tired. Most people can sympathise with that and either wait for you to finish or help you to find the words!

  • i get that a lot i also feel really panicky if ore than one person talks to me at a time ,, sounds stupid but before today its left me in tears coz i cant focus

  • no its not stupid im like that aswell and if the t v is on and someone wants to talk to me at the same time im very grumpy xx

  • ditto! ditto! and ditto fybros a bitch sometimes thinking of you tho :)x kay

  • I find this quite frightening my GP told me that It will go away from my brain.I am sleeping really well with the help of medication but I still am so tied.At times people look at you strange and I just want to disappear and be left alone.People laugh sometimes at what you forget so easily but its not at all funny It just seems to get worse and worse.Sorry feel moany today and low,

  • Sometimes....explain that you are really tired. They should be more understanding then xx

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