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Does your mobile phone have a mind of its own??

After so many embarrassing texts I have now taken auto spell off my phone ... The last few weeks I have texted my one friend... Do you still talk to Karen who whores for the NHS and trying to tell my other friend I had missed the bus... Phone decided it didn't know the word bus so I decided to try and be Sneaky and write public transport which it promptly changed and sent as pubic transport..... I think I am going to strap a public telephone box to my Mobility scooter and use that instead.

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Your phone just has a dirty mind!

Julie xx


Hahaha your post made me laugh. Now my ribs hurt

Storm x


lol this really made me laugh so thank you x Although you call yourself Verygrumpy your comments seem to be anything but, you have a gift for raising smiles i think :) xx


lol! how about guessing what this was supposed to say? Txt to my daughter..........

"Will rat my normative" !!!!!

Should read "will eat my kitkat"!!!! ?????? Weird or what!

Stupid phones! xx


Damn i wondered where my sex talk phone had got to....... Lol thanks for ths chuckle petal


Oh gosh laughing here so much.... It's amazing what you learn on here .... Sooo petal has a sex talk phone .....and the shadow has a fibro fog phone .. You know what you typed but the phone in a burst of fibro fog texted what filtered through its fibro fog.

Still giggling

VG xx


Thanks for the giggles realy cheered me up was having a bit of a bad day it started out ok was cream crackered after shopping thort about going to bed wen I got in but decided I would be ok till bed time no such luck 15 mins ago approx I started feeling ill stomach crampr feeling sick head poundin but not a migraine I hope we shall soon se but as I can still it can't be so have ended up in bed just hop teue blood re ords well all for now ttfn tsithy yy


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