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CANT !!!!!!!:(


I cant taste cant smell cant leave my nose for more than 2 mins or it is running like a tap cant walk too far as pain in hips cant sit too long as pain in back/hips cant stand too long as in pain cant hold anything heavy

today word of the day for me is CAN'T lol

But i CAN be here and support you all and i CAN be happy that i am alive too so it is not all bad is it love to you diddle x

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sending the "get better soon" fairy too you to get rid of your cold!!!!!

(shame it wont work for fibro!!)


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thanks and bless you love to you too be back later love diddle x

Todays word of the day is DOCTORS for a chat about sleep.



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bless ypou i promise i am going it is booked or 11.15 next week the 9th got lots to discuss with her but thankyou i do listen to you none of us like being told but i did book appt last week when you said too i realy did appreciate yor concern love diddle x

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trouble is with doctors they really dont give you long enougth to say too much mines on the ninth bet he just changes painkillers or refers me to someone else hope you feel better soon xx


Diddle we are here for you as well you know soft hugs ))))) Allan. Xx

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bless youthanks for that love to you too not to close though or you will catch my cold lol xx love diddle x

awhh hope you det better soon, and can i say i have only been on here a few days but already i always look for post feom you diddle, you make me smile, so thanks and you take care today xx sasha xx

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that is very kinfd of you glad i make someone smile every day if i do that then its been a good day love to you and dont worry i will be on here later just going offf for few hours but not much gets me down love diddle x

Can you not smell those cakes cooking........... diddle????? x x x x x x


dont tease lol jus had angel cake and carnation cream feel siclk so that is my fault lol love diddle x

hi diddle ,

snap im feeling the same this week ,hope u get well soon ,and plenty of hankies .and drink plenty ,hope u feel better soon ,xxx

Hi diddle. on here sharing that beautiful heart again i see. you are 1 amazing person diddle! You are always smiling and are so keen to share that caring soul with anyone who needs it. i look for your posts every day coz i no that you will cheer me up. thankyou for being who you are diddle. dont ever lose your positivity. Even now when you are ill with something other than fibro you are still cheerful. i for one dont know how you do it!! I really hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself ok?

lots of love and gentle ((((((hugs))))))

Chilli xxx

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awww bless you what a kind thing tio say i really dont do any more than anyone else on here i am just me and i just speak truthfully and how i feel i do have down days believe me but i just try to keep going as once you start to slip down it is so hard to get up again xx love diddle x

Hey diddle, I'm feeling exactly the same today my bloody hips and back are killing me god it hurt's so much sending you lot's of soft hugs take care and i'm here if u need me hugs :) suzi xxxx

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