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For those of us with or thinking of getting a mobility scooter


Don't think of it as giving in, think of it as getting out... And there are so many things you can do with your mobility scooter you can jazz it up .....go out on the spur of the moment ... And when you decide maybe its time for a new one ... Here's a money making idea for using your old one......

VG x

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F1 Mobility Scooters - could put McLaren in their place! :D

Mdaisy in reply to ladymoth


You wouldn't believe it !! When my Father was alive and I was wheelchair bound, we used to share the scooter. It went for a service at a well known place and ours had a dial you could turn from 4 to 8 mph , I seem to remember and 8mph is not allowed to be used in certain places like town centre!

It had a hare & a tortoise for easy reference. Dad was out on it, went to turn the dial slower & yes you've guessed it he went for tortoise then the scooter went flying off !!! The people who serviced it had done something to the dial so it went back to be altered the next day !

Lucky really that he wasn't trying to stop at a crossing, could have been an accident.

Zoom Zoom ............. off he went !

Emma :)

Hidden in reply to Mdaisy

Omg !!!! Yes it does sound funny but you are right it could have been so much worse..... Yours trying not to laugh

Vg x

[I've 1st posted it as a blog - sensible not funny sorry vg.]

I've started using my own scooter while out. I've decided that it's a positive step as -

I can be out for a bit longer;

I can get further;

the pain is less;

more quality time with friends as I'm not struggling to breathe/move/keep up;

I get to be out where life is going on;

I meet nice people who smile or pass a moment [eg "cold today"] or ask if I can reach;

I'm acknowledged as a person - not invisible, I exist!

I get to be independent.

I know there are negatives but they're the same as everyday when I'm on my crutch [es] so they aren't botherable [ I just made that word up! ]

try the scooters out in supermarkets first. I hope this might help someone.



i am only 25 i must agree i recently brought a scooter and its made me feel more mobile as without it i need a stick for tiny distance and wheelchair most the time. my scooter allows me to be free, and able to go whre i would like look at i would like but as i go dizzzy and fall asleep randomly i need a carer/friend with me which is my only downside.

i agree totally with you Sandra.

kindest thoughts Kerry xxxxxx

Mdaisy in reply to justlilme

Hello Justlilme,

If you would like to go out more and your friend or carer is busy (work commitments etc) , why not see if there is a support group near you for people living with Fibromyalgia.

This may be something to consider as you may find someone there who you click with and may be able to go out together.

Here is our Support Group Directory listings from the FibroAction website,so you can have a browse and see if there is a group near you.

I certainly found that talking to someone face to face very helpful, but don't forget us ! :)

Best Wishes


justlilme in reply to Mdaisy

i will have a look thank you so much x

Hi I use a little scooter called Leo as I cannot walk at all,One very heavy leg I cannot we go a scooter not one for the road a 4 mph one folding to fit in the boot. We got it from Lloyds Pharmacy in stead of a large cash pay out it was £350 it was an ex demo they said but it had never been unwrapped. It takes me from the car park to all hospital and Dr appointment's,I even used to drive to poolside for my Aqua exercises ( When I was well enough ) Just go on the net or get someone to do it for you. They do sell heavy duty ones too. ;-)

I can now go shopping to and my carer does not have to push me in a chair, so good all round.

Mine is my best mate.... Had a lovely day yesterday with OH In Faversham Kent .. The market, boat festival dance food .. Look around church .I couldnt have done any of this without my scooter .. Any guess were I am today lol

I am at a crossroads. Part of me thinks I have given up if I have one. But on the other side I am stuck in. My husband owns a classic car and loves going to shows. I used to go with him til pain made walking impossible. I can't stand for more than a few moments. I would sit in the car while he would talk to people, I felt so out of place so uncomfortable. Would sit and cry in pain so I stopped going. He really wants me with him. Maybe I should get one.

Hidden in reply to nanatre

Hi hon, get yourself a travel scooter.

They fold up or come apart for transferring in car boots etc. I do a festival in Spain in mine every year and I would not be able to get about if I didnt't have it. My only problem has been charging it in the campervan but I've found a solar powered scooter charger on ebay!!

I've learned to ignore comments like "she's a bit young for a scooter". People must I'm deaf as well as having mobility issues.

Only you know your own limits and if you think getting a scooter will help then I would suggest getting one.

All the best. Blessed love xx

Sarah-Jane in reply to Hidden

I would take such comments as a compliment as you obviously do not look old - I usually smile and say something nice back. It gets you out and about and people are more willing to talk to you if you wear a smile.

You really should I never wanted one but have now got a small one top speed 4 mph but now I can go out and do lots more x x Mine is like the travel scooter mentioned below.x x

Chimbelina in reply to nanatre

Go for it! Embrace the chance to get out and live!

Chimbelina in reply to nanatre

Go for it! Embrace the chance to get out and live!

Thank you for your lovely reply. I shall think on it. Gentle hugs. Xx

I use my power chair as I cant do distance at the moment but in time I might but iam lost without it when we go shopping or days out. Some people have no idea what its like to be in pain and tired at the same time.

i am at that time now when i know i really need one but i am scared, what if i can't handle it? will i tip it over? i wouldnt want a very big one, i know its silly but i would feel embarrassed using it, and i really don't mean any disrespect to the folks that do, i honestly don't, there are quite a few in my area and i have heard some really nasty remarks concerning them, i know i am being stupid, there is a lady down our road and she lets her grandkiddies play on it and take it out, so they arent taken very seriously if you can understand what i mean,

i am also worried about kurbs and bumps in the pavements etc, a few round our way are driven like they are on a race track! i know deep down it would give me freedom, if only i could overcome all my silly fears, can anyone advise me at all? i would be so grateful,

best wishes,

Babs1620 in reply to susie59

I have had a scooter for three years and it is great, not too good in bad weather but on the odd days we get the sun it is great to get out and about on. Mine is too big to go in a car, I am on my own and I would not be able to put it into boot of car or rebuild it so mine does 8mph on the road. Would not be without it.

I felt like you Susie, but being trapped indoors with no independence made me very depressed. My daughter took me to a Mobility Centre who were very helpful. They helped me select a suitable one, allowed me to try it and then explained that I did not need to buy it, I could pay for it through my DLA. I have a good solid one which was brought to me. In fact they brought three for me to try as they needed to know what my area was like and the type of use I would put it to - dog walking was high on my list! I keep mine down the side passage, plugged in [my husband arranged for an outside plug with cover] and a cover over it. It took weeks before I would go out in it. You do need to look for dropped curbs and driveways as there is a limit to the drop it can take. You can go very, very slowly and build up to 4 miles an hour on the pavements. Seriously, the pavements are not good enough for faster! I am insured, the scooter is insured, the RAC membership is paid for too so I can get taken home if I get stuck. Once a year they come and service it and they will do any repairs needed - all included. I bought a car seat cover and have decorated that and the scooter. It then became mine! My dog loves to go for runs with me. I love to pop to the local supermarket and use it around the shop too! Some shops are useless though.

Come on. Be brave. Get out and enjoy your life whenever you feel well enough - if you lift your mood you could feel better too!

[I have an electric chair at work and that I hate - I have to use it though. That makes me feel disabled more than my scooter or wheelchair]

thank you so much for your reply Sarah Jane, it has really given me more confidence to get one, i think your right, after a while i would get used to it and i do crave that freedom so much! thank you for all the tips too! much appreciated, i wouldnt want a really big one, some i have seen are huge, but i expect they will advise me on what suits my weight?

i hope you carry on enjoying yours, x

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